New MXKEY / MXBOX Update v 3.5 revision 1.0

New MXKEY / MXBOX Update v 3.5 revision 1.0

Our site is in remembrance of this release MXKey / MXBox version 3.5 revisions 1.0, everyone can read this article: MXKey / MXBox version 3.5 revision 1.0, Public-Release Consider what new MXKEY has prepared for their customers and potential users in this release. Happy owners of Nokia, SL3BF and BlackBerry will be very pleased, because updates are relevant to them in the first place.

Updates that is common to all supported models earlier

• Finally, «Update HTI»-button is always enabled now;

• It was added an ability to test servers from server list «Server List», or how else it is called the ping;

• Especially for users of Windows 7 the progress bar was added in the taskbar.

Updates for Nokia Service Tool (NK)

• A fully modernized flashing procedure, namely, fixed the problem that associated with the firmware through HTI;

• Now you can connect HTIBOX to allow for extra security when using the USB-connection for autonomous recovery operations (security fixes) with BB5;

• Fixed an access error, which occurred when checking tire DCT4 at a time, when the card is connected to HTI CCID reader;

• There was also corrected download that is performed in the background;

• The important is that the page Certificate manager was postponed ratification of the Certificate validation checks and safe storage of BB5 Secure Storage;

• Has been added an ability to support Secure Storage, as well as verification and recovery certificates (Certificate validation) and a direct download from the server RFBB via USB-connection;

• Fixed minor issues with software (SW).

Upgrades SL3BF version 3.4

• It was added a very handy feature list management task, which will be useful for anyone working with multiple files simultaneously;

• It was also resolved the problem with an option "random salt" (the automatic duplication of "salt" option was removed in this version).

Updates BB (BlackBerry Tool)

• The developers have added support for new MEP in the file describing the MEP (mep.dat);

• It was updated the list of supported MEP «supported_mep.txt».

Updates CDMA Service Tool (QCD)

Added the description file for the firmware for model Haier C2071;

• Produced updated description for the patch version 1.3;

• It was added the unlock patch for the following models of Haier C2071-P1.01.21_V00.21;

• To check the list of supported devices, see the following file: «modules\{9A05071F-D3A6-484B-8E3E-C6F47311C78C}supported_phones.txt».

MX Key Logs, Credits, Activations

MX-Key BB5 100 Credits
MX-Key BB5 50 Credits
MX-Key DCT4 100 Credits
MX-Key DCT4 50 Credits
MXKEY SL3 100 Credits Activations


MXBOX / MXKEY version 3.5

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