NEW SERVICE: Check iPhone iCloud + SIM-Lock

NEW SERVICE: Check iPhone iCloud + SIM-Lock

< A new service for quick and comprehensive check for iCloud lock and SIM-Lock status on any iPhone and iPad models. The service will answer the question whether the iCloud lock is on and, if enabled, whether the phone has been set as lost / stolen. Also, the result of the check will show whether there is a lock on the operator. Thus, the service combines the results of three different checks:


Check iPhone iCloud: [ON/OFF] - iCloud lock is on or off (ON / OFF)
Check iPhone iCloud: [Clean/Lost] - Lost mode is enabled or not (Clean / Lost)
Check iPhone SIM-Lock: [Locked/Unlocked] - whether operator blocking is enabled or not (Locked / Unlocked)

Service works automatically - 100% result.


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