NEW SERVICE: Samsung Asia and Europe [RGCK + MCK]

NEW SERVICE: Samsung Asia and Europe [RGCK + MCK]

A new service for unlocking Samsung mobile phones and tablets, with a regional lock for the countries of Asia or Europe. All models are supported.

If you have a regional lock, then in the  Samsung – Network Check by IMEI [Online information], the country and operator will be displayed as follows:

Purchase Country: Italy
Carrier: Italy Open
Purchase Country: Austria
Carrier: Austria Open
Purchase Country: Spain
Carrier: Spain Open
Purchase Country: Saudi Arab
Carrier: Saudi Arabia Open
Purchase Country: Germany
Carrier: Germany Open

If the lock is REGIONAL, then in the Carrier line (operator) you will see the name of the country with the prefix "Open". This means that the phone will work with any operator, but only in the territory of the country. Regional blocking is removed by the RGCK code.

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