New update Furious Gold PACK11 BL0WER v1.0.0.1610

New update Furious Gold PACK11 BL0WER v1.0.0.1610

Update Furious Gold Pack 11

Update from Furious team for 11 PACK:
Added read phone code [user code] from all models listed below.
Direct Unlock (without internet connection) supported models and firmware versions:

Huawei G1000 Ufone REL_C1.2AW01 V01.01

ZTE S500:

  • E-ZM-MTN P118A11(S) V1.0.0B04
  • E-ZM-MTN P118A11(S) V1.0.0B06
  • EF-CG-MTN P118A11(S) V1.0.0B05
  • E-UG-BHARTI P118A11(S) V1.0.0B03
  • E-ZM-MTN P118A11(S) V1.0.0B07

ZTE S309:

  • E-SA-CELLC P118A19FM(S) V1.0.0B03
  • EF-ZM-BHARTI P118A19FM(S) V1.0.0B01

ZTE S502:

  • EF-HT-DG P118A13FM(S) V1.0.0B02
  • EF-ZM-BHARTI P118A13(S) V1.0.0B02

ZTE S510:

  • E-ZW-ECONET P118A10(S) V1.0.0B02
  • EF-GA-BHARTI P118A10(S) V1.0.0B03
  • ES-CL-ENTEL P118A10(S)(U) V1.0.0B01
  • EP-AO-MOVICEL P118A10(S) V1.0.0B04
  • E-ZW-ECONET P118A10(S) V1.0.0B01
  • EP-AO-MOVICEL P118A10(S) V1.0.0B03

Download update from support area. File Name BLOWER_v1.0.0.1610.rar

Available Furious Gold Pack (Activation):

Furious Gold Pack and activations for unlock

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