New version Advance Turbo Flasher v8.60 (ATF Box)

New version Advance Turbo Flasher v8.60 (ATF Box)

For ATF box there is a new firmware 3.10.12 - the official release from team.
Just a lot of new changes, fixes and new features, more ...

  • Fixed a bug related to the work of SD slot on ATF Big Box, the ability to use ATF SD Card Cable ATF Lightning \ Nitro
  • The algorithm for FBUS flashing phones Nokia RAP3Gv30, the process is now more stable
  • 13% increased speed flashing mode Nitro FBUS
  • Scaled up by 5% in the mode of flashing speed USB (for phones Nokia: BB5, Infineon, MAEMO, MEEGO)

ATF new drivers for the new firmware:

New, more stable FTDI drivers are designed to improve the stability work box.

  • First in the world the opportunity to read full backup RPL (NPC, HWC, CCC, R & D) through the USB interface with phones Nokia RAPIDO - simply, reliably and quickly., Just added to read Full Flash Chip for Nokia RAPIDO via USB
  • Log ATF Network for Nokia RAPIDO is now available via the USB cable *

List of changes ATF module Nokia BB5:

BUSCheck button is now available in USB mode for all new Nokia models including Infineon, based on a single CPU **
RPL backup button in the USB mode is available for all new Nokia BB5 phones based on a single processor **
Added fast write RPL via USB for all models of phones Nokia BB5 RAPIDO (currently not yet supported RAPIDOYAWEH)
The record function via USB RPL files is now available for all models of phones Nokia BB5 RAP3Gv40 Phones, RAPUYAMA v1.1, RAPUYAMA v2.1, BB5 BCM21351 (Broadcom)
User erase a USB Flash enabled for all BB5 RAPIDO models (except: RAPIDOYAWEH), RAP3Gv40, RAPUYAMA v1.1, RAPUYAMA v2.1, BCM21351 (Broadcom)
Implemented init function before writing PM
Displaying 7 flash files with the ability to scroll
VPL details are now displayed in the main log
A new button "Check" allows you to check the downloaded firmware for its integrity
Fast 64K CNT is now available in FBUS and USB interfaces
Updated SX4 server to v1.50
Save the log to flash USB, SD BF
Ability to fully decode all blocks PM308 and saving data to a file

Updated module Micro SD Card BruteForce:

  • Increased processing speed for the Bf SD Card (now the speed is unlimited ***)
  • Fixed a bug with the definition of Lock status for non-standard cards
  • Added option to use the cable ATF SD card
  • The other updates:
  • There is an option of logging.
  • Checking Super Dongle Keys to Original SX4 authorization
  • Modified and updated file Nokia.ini

Please note:

* ATF Network activation is required for phones Nokia RAPIDO to connect via USB
** CPU is meant Nokia BB5 phones that do not have APE CPU.
An example in which two phones CPU: N95-8GB, 6630, N90, E90
Rap3Gv3 does not support the USB Buscheck, for example: 5130c, 3110c, 7210c, 6300c)
*** SD Card BF rate from 45 to 25,000 passwords per second.

Activation, logs, credits ATF Box (Advance Turbo Flasher):


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