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NEW SERVICE: Xiaomi: Mi Account Lock removal [Egypt]

We are glad to announce the launch of a new service - removal of Mi Account Lock for any Xiaomi models from Egypt. This service has been tested and shows maximum efficiency. The waiting time for the result varies from 3 to 12 working days. Xiaomi: Mi Account Lock removal [Egypt] ...


NEW COUNTRIES: Xiaomi - Mi Account Lock Removal

New services for unlocking Xiaomi devices are connected. New countries are now available to remove the lock: Bhutan, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Vietnam.   To place an order, it is enough to know the Lock code of the device. You can place an order by going to the service page from the list: ...


NEW SERVICE: Sigma Pack 5 Activation

Sigma Pack 5 activation is now available for successful repair of Huawei devices. It will allow you to restore IMEI, copy the IMEI of one phone to another device to restore it. Also, this option will allow you to transfer your active IMEI to use it on another device. With Sigma Pack 5 activated, you enable the Huawei aut...


Official warranty extension available for all Apple devices

The service extends Apple's official warranty for a period of 1-12 months. If your device requires repair and the warranty period has expired, this service will renew your device's warranty and allow you to contact an Apple Authorized Service Center under warranty.   You only need SN or IMEI. The chance of success is 99%. ...


NEW SERVICES: Xiaomi - remove Mi Account Lock

New services for unlocking Xiaomi devices are connected. Now, new countries are available to remove the lock: Europe, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, China, the Middle East.   To place an order, you only need to know the IMEI device. You can place an order by going to the service page from the...


Launch of the service 04/07/2020: Unlock iPhone WorldWide any models any providers

Unlocking any iPhone models from all the operators of the World is again available. All kinds of blacklist, as well as: USA GSM \ VZW US AT & T / Cricket Locked US GSM / VZW N61 / N56 USA GSM Default Polici US TracFone StraightTalk We remind you that this is a temporary unlock service. If your phone has ...


NEW SERVICE: Unlock iPhone 7/7+/8/8+/Se/X from any operator

We are pleased to announce the inclusion of a new service to unlock the iPhone from any operators in the world. All models no higher than iPhone X and all versions of iOS are supported. Any kind of blacklist is supported! The chances of success of the procedure - 100%   To unlock you will need to perform a number of actions yourself...