Nokia - instructions on how to enter NCK code for the unlock

Nokia - instructions on how to enter NCK code for the unlock

Instructions on entering NCK unlock code in Nokia phones

Before ordering NCK code for the unlock of any Nokia phone always check the used up attempts and the capability of entering the received unlock code.

You can buy the NCK unlock code Nokia BB5 on our website in the Unlock (NCK) code section. You have to select the country and operator, under which the operator is locked.

They way to enter NCK code suits all models of Nokia phones

With the foreign SIM card, the phone gives an error "Phone restricted"

1. Turn the phone without sim card.

2 - Enter #PW+Code+1# from the phone keyboard, where "Code" is NCK unlock code, which you can acquire from our website.

(An example of combination enter for the unlock phone #pw+577029833260231+1#)

3. If the phone doesn't accept the code, try another combination #PW+Code+7# 

4. You will see the message "SIM Restriction Off", which means that your phone is fully unlocked.

Before entering the received NCK code make all the backups by all the available programs and boxes!

For new models, a request for code entry appears immediately when installing a new SIM card.

After the unlock, it will be possible to refurbish the phone, update the software, you won't have to do the unlock again.


If you have the information about the entering the code into the models that are not on our website or you just want to correct something, please contact the administration:

IMEI-Server is offering the unique service 

- individual prices for our users.

In the selected product, place an order to receive the individual price through the form "Get the discount"



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    • nokia 6500s-1, codes are unique for different devices. consult through support

  • nokia 6500s-1
    28.08.2019 22:42:03

    hi/ i want to unlock nokia 6500s-1 . imei: 354837026657361.. what code do i need to put in?

    • RMN*, consult through support

  • RMN*
    29.01.2017 13:49:29

    Please Unlock code for Nokia 2610.. please someone help me this is my IMEI: 011684007810037

    • service not available