Octopus Box Samsung 1.1.0 (Samsung Anycall Activation)

Octopus Box Samsung 1.1.0 (Samsung Anycall Activation)

Released updated version Octopus Samsung Software 1.1.0 (Activation  Octopus Samsung) for unlock and reflash Samsung phones SPH series.
So is the program Octopus Box has a restore function \ read and write NVM area
New models are added to the program are the SPH-W2400 Anycall, SPH-W2500 Anycall, SCH-W510, Anycall SCH-W210.

Samsung Octopus 1.1.0 features:

  • unlock
  • firmware
  • Recovery Bluetooth address
  • work with NVM (full read; write, restore)
  • reset to factory settings

Samsung Octopus box 1,1,0 list of added items:

  • SCH-W210
  • SPH-W2400
  • SCH-W510 Anycall
  • SPH-W2500

Unlock phones for all new version firmware this phones: SCH-W270, Anycall SCH-W460, SCH-W550, SPH-W5200, SCH-W690, SPH-W5900.

Buying activation of Samsung Anycall Boxing Octopus gives you access to the file archive Boot-Loader.com

Buy activation Octopus Samsung Anycall

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