Omnius for Samsung on Android platform

Omnius for Samsung on Android platform

Now you can use the Omnius software on Samsung phones working on Android platform. We are glad to inform about the release of the update -- Omnius version 0.01 for Samsung. Primary capabilities of this version:

  • capability of executing multiple operations on several phones simultaneously;
  • BCM2133 (S5230) platform support;
  • refurbishment of BCM2133 phones;
  • reset of the loading section of BCM2133;
  • reserved copy of BCM2133 data from security zone;
  • reset calibration data BCM2133;
  • support of the following boxes -- Fighter, Cruiser, UC10, UC20, Furious Gold, Infinity, Rocker, Vygis, Z3X;
  • support of Prolific PL2303 and Silicon Labs CP210x based cables.

Above mentioned functions are free for usage. You only need to have the account for Omnius.

If you want to have your Samsung phone refurbished, then you can use any of the original, unencrypted files for refurbishment. In some cases, before refurbishment, you might need to do the factory reset. You will need to dial * 2767 * 3855 # to have it done.

You can learn more about the Omnius software by visiting the following link - Omnius for SE - program description.


Licenses for Omnius on Android


Forum on Omnius usage for Android.

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