Omnius for SE 0.35 new version program for unlock SonyEricsson

Omnius for SE 0.35 new version program for unlock SonyEricsson

Main new feature is added to program "Live boot" (or hot-boot) online features to SonyEricsson platform S1 MSM8x55 (T) for devices with already unlocked bootloader previously (bootloader).

This makes it possible to run any non-signed applications, such as recovery Neo.img or recovery Arc.img directly to phone memory (RAM) without having to replace original firmware on phone modified.

Online download function supports automatic application SU utility that allows you to continuously carry out root without any side effects.

Note that this kernel must support SEMC ADB Interface

Bootloader (bootloader) unblocked full automatically in the process of unlocking from operator of platform on SonyEricsson S1 QSD8250 and S1 MSM-7227 devices. We remind you to reset lock SonyEricsson operator must require a license Omnius, the name and password.

Added new menu item to unlock the boot S1 QD8250 (example: Xperia ™ X10), MSM7227 (eg: E10, E15, U20, X10 mini, X10 mini pro, Xperia ™ X8), MSM8x55 (T) smartphones.

Process is almost same as reset network provider code operation of the operator. If you have an unblocked bootloader you can reflash your phone absolutely free without any restrictions

Added support for flashing firmware is not signed (mainly nuclear) for devices S1 QSD8250,
MSM8x55(T)\7227 for the unlocked bootloader with Omnius.

Identify devices S1 MSM8x55 (T) displays information if device can not accept signed firmware will also be information available SEMC Developer SIM Lock signature.
Removed procedure stops for QSD8250 \
MSM8x55 S1 (T)/7227 to prevent unwanted reboot your phone after flashing.

Identify procedure for S1 is executed even if the TA domain is absent

ADB improved communication with smartphone due to which increased data rate.
Also, ADB server since this version is automatically switched off when not in use.

Finally, developers removed ad banner from program shell ).

Links for order Omnius license (Supreme credits):

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Omnius Android unlock license

Download free Omnius for SE links:

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