Principles of pricing for services for unlocking iPhone

Principles of pricing for services for unlocking iPhone

Today we will talk about how are formed the prices for the unlocking of iPhone or for disabling the iCloud lock. And also - what does the cost of services include, and why in some cases it's easier to buy a new iPhone than to deal with unlocking an old phone?

It would seem that everyone should be clear that if the price for unlock is more than the cost of the phone itself, then at this price nobody will need this unlock. Therefore, since the service is not purchased, it should not be profitable for the source of the service and for the seller. And then the price should decrease. But the prices for some reason do not decrease and everything remains the same, how so? - Similar facts, we are sure, have repeatedly angered customers looking for an unlock.  Imei-server team decided to "reveal the cards" and explain such seemingly "strange" logic of pricing.

Let's start with question, what prices consist of and what primarily affects their change.

1. Payment for source services (approximately 80-85% of the cost of the service)

Discussing the issues of the "official" and "unofficial" unlock, we talked about the fact that most of the services for unlocking devices from operators are provided by employees of these companies. They taking big risk by working in "untying" devices, becouse for some phones company have restrictions - is forbiden to do unlock for devices with active contract, debts, phone stolen, etc.. Each source puts its price - the amount for which he is willing to risk his work and career. As you understand, such an employee does not care if your model is worth of this money or not. Clearly realizing that sooner or later it will be caught, he simply tries to earn so much to not regret of anything after time.

The more sources, the lower the cost of the service. If the source is one and has a limited number of orders that it can process per day, then its services will be very, very expensive. Thus, fluctuations in prices for unlocking are primarily determined by the number of providers willing to provide the service.

2. Payment for the services of the provider (approximately 10-15% of the cost of the service)

In this case we are talking about an extra charge from the provider, who found the source and established cooperation with him. For the average user, it is not possible to buy the service directly from the source. It's just as unthinkable as appealing to Apple and trying to "bribe" someone or go to the official branch of your operator and try to "negotiate" with the first best manager. Presented? A difficult task, yes?

The source is an individual, it clearly does not advertise its work and provides services only to the most trusted providers. But the provider conducts its activities openly - it has its own website, APIs are configured, it pays for hosting, and also pays taxes and can have support staff. Of course, if the provider does not have staff who provide consulting and working with the client, its service can be cheaper. This means that he himself is the organizer and executor, leading the processing of orders, which in the end will fully correspond to the fact: he sold - you bought. It was possible to unlock or not - this will be your problem, which no one will decide. Since one person, even with a great desire, can not replace the work of a whole team of experienced specialists, aimed at the result.

Thus, the second major component of the price of a service is not the "greed" of the intermediary, as many tend to think, but the costs that it incurs to establish its work.

3. Margin - earnings from the sale(approximately 1-5% of the cost of the service)

In the previous paragraph, we talked about the amount that covers the costs of the provider for the conduct of its activities. That is, this is the amount, which it is enough, to remain with zero balance. It is obvious that the provider is not an altruist, his activity is built with the goal of still getting some kind of income. But the size of the mark-up of a particular seller will depend on the market price of the service.

We have many times drawn your attention to the fact that if the service is available, then it is available to all. If the service is disabled, then no one will have it. So, when everyone has a service, prices stay at about the same level. Between large providers there is always a lot of competition, which forces them to "compete" not only in the quality of service provision, but also in the attractiveness of the price.

Thus, the upper level of prices for unlocking is not as high as it might seem at first glance. The cost of unlocking services is dictated by the overall situation on the market and is constantly being corrected by both sources and providers.

When ordering services from us, you can be sure that you will get high-quality, professional service at the best price. 10-year experience of our work is cooperation with the most reliable sources, which have proved their effectiveness!

Trusting us an unlock of your iPhone, iPad or any other device, you get the basic guarantees: in case of failure - we always return the money! Stay with us, join us in social networks, ask for discounts and we will definitely consider your offers.

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