"R-sim iPhone - no network" - why R-sim all around the world stopped working?

In this article, we will briefly introduce you to what is the unlocking with R-sim and how it differs from the official unlock (advantages and disadvantages of both methods), and also we will talk about the "global apocalypse" of  smart chips R-sim,  that happend on 15 October this year :)


But before we touch on the main issue of our article, for those who have not previously heard about the unlocking via R-sim, we will explain what mean this method. The essence of it is to buy a special chip (R-sim), which needs to be installed in the SIM card tray along with a SIM card that the phone did not accept, after which the phone should work successfully with this SIM card.

At first glance it sounds very tempting, especially considering that R-sim costs an average of 9-12 , and the price of the official unlocking can reach almost $ 200 for some operators. It would seem, why and for whom at this price this official unlock may be needed? But if you dig deeper, then the answer to this question will be obvious. Now we will explain everything step by step.

R-sim adapters all over the World were blocked by Apple 05.10.2017

The main advantages of R-sim are:
1. Low price. The cost of the chip in comparison with the official unlock is very attractive. This is perhaps the only plus of this method.
2. The ability to activate those iPhone, for which for many reasons is not available official unlock.
And now let's talk about the disadvantages of R-sim:
1. This unlock will ALWAYS be temporary. How long will your smartphone work with this chip - nobody knows. Apple is well aware of the fact that there are R-sims that "cheat" their phones. So every year, Apple programmers strengthen the protection of their devices, so as not to lose money on the such developments of the Chinese industry.
For example, the release of the newest R-sim 11 took place on April 14, 2017, to the joy of the buyers, the new chip finally started to support the 7/7+ models. And already 10.05.2017, 6 months after the release, Apple changed the operation of the activation algorithm for the iPhone, blocking the operation of R-SIM adapters all over the world in an instant. So, suddenly, ALL R-sim chips are "dead", once again proving the unreliability of such a "unlock". And this means that you need to wait again until the next version of R-sim appears, if it will work according to the new algorithms Apple and re-buy another temporary chip. But when it becomes possible - there are no forecasts.
2. R-sim does not support all operators and not all types of locking. R-sim sellers can provide you with a list of supported operators upon request. Other phones, with regional or flexible activation policies, will not work through this adapter. So, the R-sim chip will be useless if phone is locked to:
3. R-sim does not support all models and versions of iOS (the newest iPhone 8/ 8+ / X will not work through this chip). The latest generation of R-Sim 11 only supports models up to iPhone 5 / 5C / 5S / 6 / + 6 / 6S / 6S + / 7 / 7+. The previous generation of R-Sim 10+ worked with iPhone 5 / 5C / 5S / 6 / 6S, and the oldest of the actual ones was the R-Sim9 Pro for iPhone 4S / 5 / 5S / 5C models.
4. R-sim - like any chip, requires skillful handling. Sellers of these adapters provide a chip setup guide. Depending on the model of the phone, the operator, to which the iPhone is locked and depending form the version of the R-sim,  may be need to be installed a patch.
5. When using R-sim, you will not be immune from "glitches" when the network is lost, there are problems with communication or the Internet does not work. At that, the circle of reasons for the incorrect operation of the chip can be from the poor quality of the chip itself, ending with problems with the SIM card tray, incorrect phone settings or errors when installing patches.
So, briefly touching on the specifics of R-sim, we come to the obvious fact - the official unlock from the operator was and remains the only reliable method of unlocking.
Official unlock from operators on the site www.imei-server.com
Disadvantage of unlock by IMEI can be called only the price. But in the end, you get a smartphone that will work correctly with any sim card, without crashes and glitches, without having to tune something in addition. The choice, of course, is yours.
And for those who intend to wait until the R-sim manufacturers will solve this problem, we wish endurance and patience. For how long the phones with the killed R-sim adapter will lie on the shelf, today nobody knows.

Team imei-server.com

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