Removing iCloud Lock LOST: Secrets of Providers

Removing iCloud Lock LOST: Secrets of Providers

There are many situations when it becomes necessary to remove the iCloud lock from the iPhone and put the device in the FMI: OFF status. You can forget your login, lose documents or give the phone to the child and he accidentally turns on the lock, which eventually leads to one - the iPhone will be blocked. If the purchase check has long been lost, only one way out is to use paid services to remove the lock. And we have been successfully providing such services for many years.

But there are cases when the device was stolen and erased and transferred by the owner to the FMI: LOST mode. How ethical it is to unlock such devices and how these methods work - our article will tell.

imei-server has changed its policy of providing services to remove the iCloud lock. We basically refused to work with providers who may not act with legitimate methods or assist someone in fraud. And now we'll talk about how not to be deceived and not lose control of your device.

Let's look at two main cases:

  1. Your iPhone is stolen.
  2. Your iPhone is still in your hands, but it is blocked by third parties.

The first case. The iPhone is stolen physically.

If your iPhone is stolen, then the first thing that usually comes to your mind is to enable the loss mode, and also leave a message for the one who will get / buy your device. In more than 60% of cases, the swindler will try to implement your iPhone in the shortest time - the earlier, the better. He will try to sell it before you have time to turn on the loss mode, or will search for the victim on any trading platform, swearing that this is his phone, but he "forgot / lost" the box and he urgently leaves and he needs money for ticket :) Or any other story that will be perceived by the "victim" very positive: when people see such an exclusive price, many are inclined to believe in all what they are told. But as always happens in such cases, soon the "lucky guy" makes an update, sees someone else's iCloud and slowly begins to realize what is happening: a successful seller does not get in touch, and he has  in his hands a locked phone, for which was paid money... This is one of many stories, which our customers share. The "victim" usually sees for himself only 2 options - to try to remove the lock, or to sell iPhone to the parts, thus returning at least some of money which was paid (about the fact, that this phone can be returned to the first owner, they usually even do not mention).

For the legitimate owner the chances of getting his device back are not much at all.

But if you are patient enough and really want to return your iPhone, the most correct step, no matter how strange it sounds - do not include the mode of loss! The only thing you need to do is apply to law enforcement agencies with a statement about the theft and wait for the result. Were you surprised at this advice? Let's explain why.

Firstly, they can REALLY find your iPhone, and there are many such cases!

But for this, the device must be in working order - in simple terms - they should use it. Also you should have a box and a receipt for purchase, as proof that the device is really yours. The stolen iPhone can be found by the unique IMEI number, which is always indicated on the box (there are not two identical IMEIs in the whole World).

Secondly, law enforcement agencies have agreements on cooperation with major mobile operators, mainly with those that have their own mobile communications towers (there may not have an agreements only with small virtual operators). After you write a statement about the loss of the iPhone, based on this statement, your IMEI will be sent for monitoring to all operators with whom cooperation is established. If the new owner installs a SIM card of any of these operators, your iPhone will be detected by IMEI to within a meter. As a result, the new owner will be taken for interrogation, and the device will be confiscated and handed to you.

Such a search can take time - a few months or more and it does not matter how many owners the device will have along the way, and how much money it has been paid by each of them, these problems will be the problems of the buyer of a dubious device, but not yours.

That is, to get back your iPhone, it must necessarily be in working order, to be possible installed any SIM-card in and use it. In addition, the new owner of the "clean" iPhone probably does not even assume that he is using the stolen device. This fact will help you to restore justice.

And what people do in such cases more often? - In desperation, many owners locking iCloud and put the device in the mode of loss, forcing the thief  to sell this  device over to spare parts. Locking the device in LOST mode, you will not allow to use this phone. In the end, with a high probability, you will not be able to return your iPhone / iPad, which will suffer the fate of the "donor parts".

But if you have already accepted this loss and the only thing you want is that the device does not get to anyone and nobody can see your personal data on the phone, then enable the loss mode correctly. By ignorance, many make gross mistakes, thus helping to "untie" their iCloud from the iPhone. Categorically you can not leave a message with a phone number or email to contact you - this is a big critical mistake and half the success for those who will work on disabling FMI on your device. If you want to securely lock iCloud, you can do the following:

  1. Put iPhone / iPad into the LOST status, but do not leave any phones or e-mail for communication.
  2. Call your mobile operator and report the theft of the device. If you have a purchase receipt  for the device, operator will put it on the blacklist and this phone will no longer be able to work in the network of this operator. Remove the lock from the device, which is simultaneously in the black list from Apple and in the black list from the operator - is extremely problematic.

The second case. iPhone is not stolen, but on it is another's account.

Many believe that the worst thing is to lose the device in the literal sense of the word. Nevertheless, there are a lot of situations when the phone stays in your hands, but is blocked by someone else's account. To get into this situation can those who are accustomed to using open WIFI networks - in a cafe or at hotels on vacation. We will not describe exactly how they act, getting access to your phone, but it's worthwhile to focus on the fact that first of all risking those, who did not set the Apple ID request. If you did not create an account on your phone, then you are at risk. Even if you have an account, scammers can try to get your data and all necessary information in any way. It can be a fake page where you enter your data yourself, or by hacking your mail, but the result will be the following - your screen will ask you to pay the specified amount to unlock your phone.

Many times we were approached by clients who found themselves in a similar situation - their phone was in the lost mode, which was turned on by the fraudster, the screen could have a phone number or an invoice for payment, or the address of a blackmailer's mail.

Let's say at once, that there is no site for unlocking, which will be able to help in solving such a problem. Because the one, who has access to your device, knows perfectly well what is possible and what can not be done to get what he wants. If for you this is a matter of principle, the advice is the same - contact law enforcement and act with their help or look for a consensus with your abuser who left contacts for communication with him.

And now let's touch on the methods of work of those who remove the lock from phones in LOST mode. Let's answer such questions:

  • what providers hide,
  • why we strongly did not recommend leaving your contact details,
  • how not to become a victim of scammers.

In the unlocker environment, there are two different directions, how to remove the lock from the device in LOST mode. Let's talk about them in more detail.

1.       The most popular and relatively cheapest method requires knowing the phone number or e-mail address of the current owner. Having this information, the provider runs a special script that sends a message to the rightful owner on behalf of Apple's support. The type of message that will be sent to you will be identical to those that can be sent from Apple. The message usually does not cause the slightest suspicion. You do not lose phones every day. So, how do you know, maybe exactly in this way  advanced Apple company informs its customers that the phone was found. Otherwise, why include this search at all? Obviously, with such thoughts, former owners will greeted a "joyful" letter stating that "Your iPhone has been found." And now, to confirm that the phone is really yours or to apply for a receipt (or any other reason), you will be asked to enter your user name and password from your account. Typically, the victim does not notice that by clicking on the link, she enters her data already on the dummy page. The page can give an error, you can start entering the data repeatedly and until you realize that it's a deception. But getting your data, swindler will have enough time to turn off iCloud lock. Do not think that you are sufficiently aware of everything and nobody can deceive you. Time does not stand still - not only you become smarter, but also those who try to deceive you. In some cases, the technique of working of a modern script is that you do not need to enter any data, just open the email you received, or click on the link (without even entering a login or password). For "fresh" devices, for which there is correct owner data, the productivity of some scripts is more than 80%. Do not leave your contact information - means to protect yourself from the risk of receiving such a message.

2.       The second, more expensive and complex method is called "phishing". There the methodology of work is completely different. Having the phone itself (or high-quality photos of your phone), the alleged "owner" begins to storm official Apple support, telling heart-rending stories that this is his phone, that he was blocked by scammers and will demand to unblock. Which arguments in the end lead to a positive result, it is difficult to say. It is possible that for this device in support can send fake documents, or in this scheme involved one of Apple employees, but such services exist. They are provided in the price range from $ 200 and with a chance of about 90%.

Having considered all these cases, we tried to remove the veil of secrecy and show how not to get into an unpleasant situation and what to do if you already happened to be in it. To insure against everything is impossible, but whatever happens, act honestly and conscientiously, perhaps your example will inspire others to do the same.

Take care of your iPhones and do not lose them.



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