Resumed work service - Apple iCloud ID recovery

Resumed work service - Apple iCloud ID recovery

Service to restore the account Apple ID resumed work. Prior to starting the services we have tested this service. The actual deadlines for processing of test orders did not exceed 4 working days. Starting  orders in the process our provider make daily.

At the moment, the service is stable. A maximum period of service - 14 working days. NO delay.

Check and cancel an order is possible in the case of sending an application with video only if timing is not later than 12 hours after receiving the results.

Service Account ID recovery (user account) will allows you to get information on what email address was registered account iCloud service for example if you have forgotten your Apple ID (user name only, without a password).

This service does not allow to delete the account iCloud service, or restore the account password Apple ID.
An example of the information received:
  • Apple ID:
  • Full Name: Your Name (if specified)
  • Rescue mailbox: (if specified)
  • Daytime contact number: NO (if specified)
  • Nighttime contact number: NO (if specified)

Example result: 3543542680 ***** 70eeff278b8b13db98435601cf ********** michal bauner***** Regan Eubanks Houston TX 74587-27 ** USA 726-641 ***** soe *** Iman Soenen Austin TX 79 *** - 4553 USA 234-2123 *** 

In the real result - login and other data will be displayed in full. In the example of the data, we have hidden this info by asterisks.

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