Site Rules

Terms and conditions of the site
The agreement comes into force from the moment of registration on the site, without reading and accepting the rules registration on the site is impossible!
We strongly recommend that you carefully read the site rules, as well as the information indicated on the product or service page.


1. Registration on the site
1.1. Registration on the site is a prerequisite for ordering goods and services on the site
1.2. The fact of the user's registration on the site confirms his consent and unconditional acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of the site
1.3. When registering, the user is responsible for the correctness and accuracy filling the form for registration  (name, email, city, country, phone number, etc.). User-specified data can be used by the site administration to provide the user with advice / send results on orders / send news and promotions from the site
1.4. One user is not allowed to create and use multiple accounts at the same time. The site administration has the right to block "unnecessary" accounts unilaterally without warning.
1.5. If the user has lost access to the account, he can use the form to restore the login / password on our site. If the user could not restore access to the account on his own, he can apply for help in supporting the site
1.6. Transfer / reselling of the user account is prohibited, only the account creator has the right to use his registration.
2. Replenishment of balance
2.1. The unit of the site is the credits. 1 credit = 1 USD.
2.2. Acquisition of loans is a prerequisite for the order of goods or services: the user of the site replenishes his balance with loans, through which he makes the order of the necessary goods / services on the site.
2.3. Updating the balance on the site is automatic and is possible only with the help of those payment systems listed on the Payment methods page. The terms of credit crediting are from 5 to 30 minutes.
2.4. The amount for payment for a product or service may exceed the amount specified in the description of the service on the site. This is due to the fact that any payment system establishes its commission and the exchange rate for which payment is accepted. We have no influence on the size of exchange rates or size of commissions in any payment systems, and we get exactly those number of credits that is indicated on the service page.
2.5. The site does not have up-to-date information about mark-ups and commissions of different payment systems, this information in our website can be obsolete. The final payment amount should always be verified immediately before payment.
2.6. It is forbidden to copy purse numbers and try to send money "directly without commissions". Such a payment will not be credited automatically, the resolution of the issue with incorrect replenishment may take a long time (from 7 to 30 working days), after which the money will be returned to your account.
2.7. The user's balance is always displayed in the User Control Panel. In the left panel, on the tab page FINANCES> HISTORY CREDITS user can verify all information about all transactions: his replenishments and sending money to pay for services.  
2.8. The user's balance is an internal balance that is available only to the account holder and the transfer of funds from one balance to another is excluded.
2.9. The user's balance has no "storage period" and will be available even if the user has not used the services of our site for a long time. But if the user has not used his balance for more than a year, his withdrawal request will be rejected. Such a user will not be able to withdraw credits back, but he will be able to use this balance to order other services.
3. Changes in prices and terms for the provision of goods and services
3.1. Information about prices and terms of the services is indicated in the description each of the services. For rare  services (from the category Other operators for iPhone), we recommend you always to ask, what is the current price and terms. For this you need to send an inquiry to our support:
3.2. Information about prices, service conditions and terms of service provision can be changed / updated by the site administration unilaterally without warning.
3.3. Any text or graphic changes on the site come into effect from the moment of their placement: changes in prices, terms, conditions of ordering the service.
3.4. Information on the action of promotional prices, discounts and special offers comes into force from the moment of their placement on the site for the period specified in the conditions of a particular promotion or offer.
3.5. Change in the price from the provider is the reason for canceling the order, which is "in the process" in the event that our margin does not cover the difference in the price for a particular order.
4. Incorrect information in the order form
4.1. Before ordering a product or service, a site user must study the service he needs and take into account all the nuances and requirements, if it is possible - to use information from external sources (for example, the official developer site, thematic forums, etc.). But is not responsible for the reliability of information, obtained from external resources.
4.2. By placing an order, the user agrees to act in accordance with the rules of the site and assumes full responsibility for the authenticity of the specified data when forming the order. If at the time of the ordering were made mistakes, which resulted in incorrect results: getting of non-working code or false-positive status "unlocked", then the refund of money for such an order is excluded. Errors are:
  • - wrong choice of the service. If the user has independently sended an order without prior consultations with the support of the site, or relying on information from other sources, then the site is not responsible for the negative result for such an order.
  • - wrong operator / country selected. If the device is locked by another operator in another country or another type of lock.
  • - incorrectly specified IMEI, SN, UDID, login, model, country, operator, MEP, Provider ID, Account (Email), VIN code or any other data that are mandatory in the specific service for the order fulfillment.
  • - invalid information in the comment field (for services in which this field is mandatory). If the IMEI or SN in the order differs from IMEI or SN in the results of the checks that you provided.
4.3. At the time of making an order, the user assumes all responsibility, including a negative result, if were made mistakes while filling out the order form. When placing an order, the user agrees with clause 8 of the "Cancellation and refund policy".
4.4. If the user finds that he made a mistake in the order form, he should immediately report this in support of the site If no more than a couple of hours have elapsed since the incorrect order was made, it is likely that your order will be canceled before being launched into the process on the provider's server. The more time has passed since the launch of the order, the less chance of cancellation.
IMPORTANT: orders for any checks by IMEI are sent to the process immediately automatically. The cancellation of such orders even with instant access to support is impossible.
5. Advertising on the site/ forum
5.1. Advertising on the site or forum is paid and can be placed only after coordination with site administration. For advertising, please contact
5.2. Any attempts to place advertising of services or any other similar commercial actions, wich was made without our allowed, will be strictly suppressed. Users caught in such activities will be blocked without the possibility of re-registration.
5.3. Comments and messages from users are moderated to delate spam/ hidden advertising/ black PR/ obscene language. Correct questions, formulated in a respectful manner, will be published during 1-12 hours on working days (excluding holidays and weekends).
6. Terms of cooperation: promotions, discounts, special offers
6.1. For wholesale cooperation, please contact We will consider any mutually beneficial offer to buy / sell services to unlock devices from different brands. Current Wholesale Prices is always available for view.
6.2. Conditions for the provision of wholesale prices:
  • PREMIUM (for small wholesale) - a regular order of services for the amount of $ 500 per month.
  • VIP (for large wholesale) - a regular order of services for the amount of $ 2000 per month.
  • - To assign a category - top up your balance with one payment for the amount indicated above, and report it to
  • - After the wholesale category was assigning, the authorized user will see in all services just the prices from his wholesale status (by default). To view retail prices must log out. 
  • - Validity of wholesale prices is 1 month from the moment of assignment of the wholesale status. Information about the validity of wholesale prices will be displayed in the Control Panel after assigning the appropriate category.
  • - To extend the validity of wholesale prices, replenish your balance sheet and report it to
  • The PREMIUMVIP statuses are extended for 1 month from the date of the last replenishmant.
  • Withdrawal of money from the site /application for the withdrawal of loans excludes the client from the category of "wholesale buyer."
IMPORTANT: retail /wholesale prices for services can be changed/ updated by providers on the current day/ daily without warning.
6.3. Discounts and promotions for RETAIL users do not apply to users in the status of PREMIUM and VIP
6.4. Shares, discounts and special price offers of the site are valid according to the terms specified in the specific offer, but may be suspended in case of price changes at the provider for the promotional product or service.
7. Conditions of earnings on
7.1. Making video for payment. The site on a regular basis accepts and pays for video unlocking devices of different brands, the codes of which have been purchased from us. Payment for video is from 20-50 $, depending on the brand. Detailed requirements for video and amounts of payments are described in the Earn section. Terms of acceptance of video from the user:
- find out via support do we need a video of unlocking for a particular model (maybe we already have video with this model). If the request for a video is approved, you can start
- the video quality assessment for its compliance with requirements is performed within 7 to 20 working days (excluding weekends and holidays). In the specified terms the user will receive an answer from the site support.
- administration of the site has the right to refuse to accept and pay for video if any of the requirements for video are violated.
- user will receive a notification from the site's support that he got credits from us to the balance. The withdrawal of loans from the site is described in paragraph 9.
7.2. Referral system. From 12.02.2018 in Beta mode, the referral system of payments began to operate. Any user of the site can become a member of the referral system. If another user registers on our site using your referral link, then this user will be "attached" to your account and you will receive % of each purchase of such a user. Important:
- The referral link is unique for each client. You can find a referral link in the User Control Panel on the tab: PROFILE SETTINGS> REFERRALS
- The referral system works in Beta mode, which means that processing delays or technical outages related to system debugging are possible in its operation. All accruals for this system will be double checked for correctness of work and correctness of calculations.
8. Cancellation and refund policy:
8.1. In the case of cancellation of the order by the administrator due to lack of code in the database, service delays, service disruptions, change of service cost or any other reason, money for such an order will be returned to the balance of your account automatically. After canceling the order, user will receive an email notification about cancellation. Status of the order in the Control Panel will change, the "Cancellation reason" field will display information about why your order could not be completed. Only after cancellation of the order, the user will be able to apply for withdrawal of credits from the system. The procedure for applying for the withdrawal of loans is described in paragraph 9.
8.2. If order for unlocking iPhone was successfuly completed, but device can not be  activated by the SIM card of another operator, customer is obliged to provide the result of fresh check by IMEI, ordered on our website within 72 hours after the order was completed. Checks ordered from other sources can not be grounds for canceling the order. After receiving the result of new check by IMEI, click on the "Verify" button opposite the result for this order in the Control Panel and copy your result in the field - "The reason for testing". Re-checking will show the current status of the lock, as well as confirm or deny the presence of errors from the client side when choosed the service. After sending this request - expect an answer from the site support, do not duplicate requests. The average time to resolve the problem is from 5 to 10 working days. The maximum time limit for resolving the issue is 30 working days, excluding days off from the moment the application for order verification was submitted.
IMPORTANT: It is forbidden to contact other suppliers of the same service until your problem is finally resolved by us.
8.3. In case of successful execution of the iPhone unlock order, if the unlock was successful, but re-lock of IMEI occurred earlier than the guaranteed terms specified in the description of the specific service, you should follow to the requirements of paragraph 8.2. For example, if the warranty for unlock is 12 days, IMEI was re-locked after 7 days and you had time to apply for an veryfication before the expiration of the guaranteed terms for unlocking, then for this order you will receive either a re-unlock or a refund (depends on the provider).
MPORTANT: It is forbidden to contact other suppliers of the same service until your problem is finally resolved by us.
8.4. If the order for unlocking an iPhone for a service that does not have an unlock guarantee is successful, orders for order verification will be rejected. All risks of a possible re-blocking of IMEI are always prescribed in the description of the services, if the client is not familiar with the description and possible risks before placing an order, this can not be grounds for filing an application for cancellation for such an order.
8.5. If you successfully receive the codes for Samsung, LG, Alcatel, ZTE, Vodafone, Nokia, HTC, Huawei, Sony, Motorola, lenovo (or other brands), if the unlock code /codes did not work and in the service description is noted, that we can provide cancellation based on an application with a video, then the video must meet the following requirements:
- Video quality must be at least 720p
- The device menu must be in English only.
- The video should consist of one video, without pauses and stops/
- The device should be in constant focus and entirely in the frame, shot with good external lighting
- Shoot the video so that the device was in a vertical position (the application "sideways" to the cancellation is not accepted)
- Show the IMEI device through *#06#
- Show how many attempts to enter the code.
- Next, the process of entering all the received codes (for phones based on Android, it is mandatory to make Hard-Reset process, then entering the Code)
- The code entry process should be slow - 1 character in 2 seconds
- If you have wrong data Apple ID, show in the video request to enter the data Apple ID clearly, with a good focus (also a few seconds).
- Do not add anything to the plot of the video!
Video on cancellation of the order must be provided within 72 hours after the order is executed or earlier, if the service description indicates other terms. if you don't have time to provide the video evidence the wrong code, a refund credits is impossible. Videos taken with violation of any of these requirements will be rejected. After recording a video, you need to upload it to and make access it. Access to the video should be as follows: "Available to those who have the link" (not "Private"). If everything is done correctly, click on the "check" button opposite the result for this order in the Control Panel and copy the link in the "Link to video from youtube" field. Sending an application - expect a response from the site support, do not duplicate requests. The average time to resolve a problem request is from 5 to 10 working days. The maximum time limit for resolving the issue is 30 working days, excluding days off from the moment the application for order verification is submitted.
8.6. In case of successful receipt of codes on the model Samsung, LG, Alcatel, ZTE, Vodafone, Nokia, HTC, Huawei, Sony, Motorola, lenovo (or other brands), for a device that does not request code entry, or if you have already exhausted all attempts to enter the code, applications for verification for such orders will be rejected. Prior to the ordering of the service, the client must ensure that the code can be entered and there are attempts to enter the code. In case if there are attempts to enter the code, but there are not enough of them (they may not be enough to enter all received codes), the customer takes the risks for the formation of such an order.
8.7. If your order has a long delay "in the process", such an order can not be canceled at the first request of the client. If you need to cancel an order that is already in processing, you can contact the support service of the site: If the provider agrees to provide cancellation, your order will be canceled. In case of refusal, your order will remain in the process before processing on the provider's server. Maximum waiting times (in extremely rare cases for individual IMEIs) can be up to 90 working days excluding days off from the moment of placing an order.
9. Withdrawal of credits from the system
9.1. To withdraw credits from the system, send a message to the site support:
Enter the subject: "withdrawal of credits"
Provide information:
1. Your username on the site
2. The amount you want to withdraw
3. Your correct PayPal
9.2. The user assumes full responsibility if he provides wrong data to PayPal.
9.3. Terms for processing the application for withdrawal of money are from 7 to 30 working days (excluding weekends and holidays).
9.4. The withdrawal of credits from the system is possible only on PayPal wallets. PayPal withdrawal fee is 10%Submission of applications for withdrawal to any other purses is impossible and not discussed. There are no alternative ways to withdraw money from the system.
ATTENTION: the withdrawal of loans is not possible for those users who have not used their account for more than 1 year! Such a balance can only be spent on site services, but cannot be withdrawn to a wallet or card!
9.5. When withdrawing money from the site, the user covers a commission in the amount of 10% of the withdrawal amount. Refund requests for amounts less than $1 will not be accepted.
10. Sending goods by classic mail
10.1. The administration of the site is not responsible for any lost parcels sent by classic mail and insured at the minimum cost: if possible, insure the cargo at full cost.
10.2. Terms of delivery of goods by classic mail depend on the delivery service, as well as the city / country where the delivery is carried out and can be specified approximately.