Samsung Reactivation Lock – protecting for cellphone

Samsung Reactivation Lock – protecting for cellphone
Along with Apple and BlackBerry, the South Korean mobile phone maker Samsung has developed its own system (function) to protect smartphones against theft – Samsung Reactivation Lock. With it, you can completely prevent access, both to the mobile phone, and to all the information in his memory. This is very useful in situations when the smartphone is lost or stolen. Setting Lock lets in these cases prohibit re-activation of the smartphone. To set the limit using the user account is Samsung.

Instructions on how to activate the function Samsung Reactivation Lock:


By activating Reactivation Lock, you must sets up a special box, which is stored in a secure area of memory. It cannot turned off by resetting the mobile phone or via the Recovery-reset of the operating system. It is highly recommended to do all the account settings to activate Samsung Reactivation Lock.


1. Go to the menu item «Apps» / «Settings».


Samsung Reactivation Lock


2. Select the «Security».


Samsung Reactivation Lock


3. Scroll down to the point «Reactivation Lock» and check the checkbox on the right.


Samsung Reactivation Lock


4. After this, you notified with a proposal to create an account Samsung, press «OK».


Samsung Reactivation Lock


5. You will be redirect to Samsung account, where you will be prompted to create a new account or enter existing data.


Samsung Reactivation Lock


Instructions for resetting the Samsung to the factory settings, when you activate Reactivation Lock:


1. Go to «Settings» / «Backup and Reset» / «Factory Data Reset» / «Reset Device». If you try to reset the phone to factory settings with activated function Samsung Reactivation Lock, you need to enter a password.


Samsung Reactivation Lock


2. After entering the correct password, you will be able to delete all data.


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Samsung Reactivation Lock
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