Samsung unlock - general information about unlock by IMEI from the operator

Samsung unlock - general information about unlock by IMEI from the operator

Samsung mobile phones can be unlocked from any operator of cellular connection of any country.

For USA Samsung phones, please order NCK code using this service: Samsung USA

Ordering the code by the common database Samsung USA, you get 2 codes: Unfreeze code//Network code - NCK

To get the unlock code, you have to specify the model of the phone, IMEI.

Buy the unlock code Samsung Europe (any GSM European operator)

Buy the unlock code Samsung USA (USA operators: AT&T, T-mobile, etc...)

Unfreeze codes are provided in addition to NCK codes as possible, but they are optional, not required ones!

We advice you to think before entering into the phone so that you don't need additional Unfreeze code.

We provide 4 codes by the common database of Samsung!

They look something like this:

NCK: 84174637 Unfreeze: 35390660 SCK: 54279635 SPCK: 49581464

More than 90% of locked Samsung phones under the operator have only NCK lock, but there are some that require SCK/SPCK code as well. It is not possible to order the Unfreeze code separately from NCK code!

Enter all the fields carefully!

If you make a mistake filling the form, you will get the wrong code, the return of credits is not discussed in this case!

How to unlock Galaxy Note 3 Megafon Russia by IMEI by the unlock code

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