Service for restoring Apple ID data have resumed work

Service for restoring Apple ID data have resumed work

We are glad to inform you that the Apple ID data recovery service has been rerewed. The probability of obtaining data through this service is 50% The probability of correctness of the data is lower than in the service Apple iCloud ID Find Service - recovery Account iCLoud ID, as the data search is done without taking into account the 40-character UDID.


Restoring the Apple ID account allows you to obtain information on what email address an iCloud service account was registered, for example, if you forgot your Apple ID (only username, without password).

Currently there are two serwers running. When ordering a service through server 2, we recommend that you make a video in advance to cancel the order. This will help in time to apply for cancellation of the order, if necessary.

server#1: all models - current price $ 25

[in case of wrong / incorrect result cancellation is not possible, refunds is not possible. Checking the results is impossible. Video for cancellation are not accepted! Ordering data through this server you agree with this statement. Order at your own risk.]

server#2: all models - current price $ 45

[cancellation on the basis of a request with video is possible only if the application has been sent with video in up to 12 hours after receiving the results. If the application will be sent later, the cancellation is not possible! Very strict limitation from the provider! Make an order only if you agree with these conditions.]

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