"Service is temporarily unavailable" - why the services for ulocking could be disabled?

When customer make an order by IMEI for unlocking or to check some info in  any of services, he can suddenly receive a message stating that "the service is temporarily unavailable." This can be the cancellation of a particular order or closing the work of the service as a whole. But not understanding the specifics of the services of unlocking, customers are often inclined to blame this or that resource for "incompetence". To clarify and dispel these misunderstandings, today we will answer the question - where do the various services come from and where do they suddenly disappear?

Also imei-server will tell you about what is unlock "from within", which is hidden behind the standard formulations of reasons for cancellation of orders and how long to wait for the launch of the disconnected service.

Let's begin with our main question - where "services" disappear? And for this it is necessary to understand where they are coming from. Let's talk about two different types of services:

  • Various checks for iPhone / iPad by IMEI or by serial number (SN)
  • Unlocking services

In the first case, the source of information is the database of Apple. Both GSX reports, and Sold by, and FMI status and any other information is requested from there. But if you decide to ask this question directly in support of Apple, whether they provide anyone with such information (for free or as paid), then the official representative's answer will be "definitely not." How it can be? - you ask - where is the lie and fraud?

In fact - they do not lie. Apple (at the level of official leadership and company policy) - does not really share data about devices. This information is private to users, which is primarily available to company managers, in part to employees of Apple stores and partly (a certain level of access) to employees of official service centers, as they enter into the database data on their manipulations. But also providers of unlocking also do not mislead anyone - for many years (and it is stable), access to databases is successfully purchased from these same managers or getting by using phishing methods with help of successful hackers from different countries.

Of course, Apple is trying to fight the leak of information, but so far this giant has not worked out an effective concept, since having offices in many countries of the world and tens of thousands of employees, it is impossible to fully control the work of each of them. If the managers account, through which information was accessed, was hacked, then within a couple of minutes to several hours (a maximum time is 24 hours), it will be automatically blocked by Apple's internal security system. Any suspicious activity is monitored: ip login / pc hardware id. That is, in the end, the most stable services are those that are provided with the help of the same employees within Apple. Obviously, access to these data is not free. In this regard, for different services, the cost of checks as well as the type of data themselves may be slightly different.

Unlocking Providers (like imei-server) are engaged in finding a main provider who have stable access with automatically servers (using the API) and can provide the necessary information. In some cases (for some checks, for example, Check iPhone, iPad - "Sold by": [country and date of sale] by SN), the data comes from the database archive. That is, the provider got access,  uploaded data for a certain period of time and now sells these data. For this reason in the service above, only the old models are supported, and the reason of cancellation - "No data" means, that your model was sold later than the date when provider have create his archive. For the service, which should show you the date of sale and the company of the seller - this is perfectly acceptable, since this information is not changed or overwritten, but simply stored on Apple servers. But it's quite another matter to check the GSX. It is important to get the most recent data "online" to see if it was unlocked or not, when the unlock was done, the device was activated or not, etc.

And for these very checks, which are necessary to customers "nonstop", various force majeure are possible. If there is a problem and your order was refused / canceled, then here can be one of two things:

  • Or there was a local problem with the operation of the API for a particular service / provider
  • Or there was a global problem with access to information for the source.

In the first case, you will receive a cancellation by one of the reasons:

  • Not Found or the server is unavailable. Try to repeat the order in a few days
  • Service is temporarily unavailable, please try again in 1-2 days
  • Server is not available, please resubmit this IMEI in 24 hours
  • Order processing error, please resubmit your order

This means that the service itself is available. But at any stage of the delivery of information a failure have occurred. If service had ask you to wait a couple of days, then the problem will soon be eliminated. In some cases, instead of cancellation, there may be a delay of orders (for checks, the deadlines can be up to several days). This means that the provider has restarted the order / orders that are "stuck" on the server, and the result will be sent a little later than the specified time.

When we are dealing with a service stop, the reason for the cancellation will look different:

  • Service is disabled
  • Order canceled due to delays and server failures
  • Temporarily unavailable

In the event that the service stops, as you have already understood, no one will be able to name any clear or even approximate terms for its renewal. Once the service was disabled, then this mean - the access to information for a particular service was blocked. It should be understood that if the service is "out of stock", then at the moment there is no anyone, who can provide you this service. And if somewhere you will be able to find a seller who insists that only he can provide the necessary data or unlock - be aware that you are being deceived. The advice is simple: if the service is not available, then the only thing you can do is sign up for it and wait for the service to turn on.

As for unlocking services from different operators, this is a completely different type of service and Apple, as we know, has nothing in common will all such services. Unlock services are provided by sources within each of the companies. In most cases, the source role is played by managers with a high level of access, which can implement unlock devices on the contract or in the black list. This unlock, however, will be official and should not "fly off" . The fact that a specific employee of the company violates its rules is already an internal problem of a separately taken part of the company.

The most stable services are the services for unlocking devices in the status of CLEAN, as they are provided without any violation of ethical standards from either side. It is worth noting that such type of  unlocking can be performed via operator for free, but mostly - only on request from the real owner and with subject to compliance with all clauses of the contract. The meaning of using paid services for unlocking clean devices is that you do not need to waste your time sending unblock requests, or learn how the site of a particular operator works and what the unlocking requirements are placed by this operator (especially if you do not understand the language of this site). It is much easier to entrust this task to professionals who have an unlock process debugged as a clock and you can be sure that you will get the desired result of 100%

As you can see, the scope of provision of unlock services is in a constant movement - services are turned on and off, and these fluctuations can not be forecasted. No one of source is not interested in the failure of any services or delays in ordering. But if your order was canceled, you should understand that there was an objective reason for that.

We always make every effort to eliminate the problem in the shortest possible time, if it depends on us. Working in this field since 2007 (!)imei-server aims to provide the customer with a positive result and to provide the service in full. Please contact our online chat - "Online Help" or contact us via mail of the site support@imei-server.com and you will be convinced of the quality and availability of our service on your own experience.

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