SigmaKey Software v2.21.03 update

SigmaKey Software v2.21.03 update

Good news! Sigma Software v.2.21.03 update.

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Sigma activation

Qcom Tab:

Released flashing support for newest Qcom-based Alcatel smartphones. Supported models:

  • 4045A, 4045L, 4045O, 4045X
  • 4060A
  • 5051A, 5051X
  • 5054D, 5054W, 5054X
  • 5056E, 5056U, 5056X
  • 5065A, 5065D, 5065X
  • 5154A
  • 6039K
  • 6045I, 6045Y
  • 7043A, 7043K, 7043Y
  • 7044X
  • 7048X
  • 9007A, 9007X
  • 9022X
  • A621R
  • I806
  • M823F
  • T500L

Various provider customizations
Phone’s firmware upgrade and downgrade
Another free functionality for all Sigma users

Flash File Area Update:
This is just a start, we will add much more files.

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