Tested unlock iPhone O2 UK 4S and 4 8Gb

Tested unlock iPhone O2 UK 4S and 4 8Gb

Our site has been tested and successfully added a new service to unlock Apple iPhone O2 UK (United Kingdom)  4S models and 4 8Gb by IMEI, recall previously not been possible to unlock these models from British operator O2.

Service is official full unlock, all phones are available with any firmware version and any version of the modem, including those that are blacklisted (Not found) device by provider.

Before making an application for this unlock-tool your first order check iPhone carrier by IMEI, in order to make sure that your phone is locked it in the Carrier: O2 United Kingdom, otherwise if you miss provider credit will not be refunded and phone not unlock.

After full unlock your device will work with any GSM SIM card of any operator any country and can activate your smartphone via iTunes.  Also, you can always upgrade to the latest version device OS.

 This tool also support all device - Not found or Blacklist.

Order unlocking, watch price and time: Unlock iPhone O2 UK

Supported unlock iPhone from O2 Great Britain:

  • 3Gs
  • 4 any type memory
  • 4S


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  • petr***************************
    20.03.2013 11:26:59

    Hi there,

    does it unlock O2 UK Tesco blacklisted IMEI?

    Thank you.