Unlock Alcatel - added support of new models

Unlock Alcatel - added support of new models
We announce the addition of support and release about 40 new phones Alcatel.
Order unlock, you can on the link - 
New supported phones Alcatel: OT-1010, OT-1011, OT-1012, OT-1030, OT-2001, OT-2005, OT-2010, OT-2010g, OT-2056, OT-3000, OT-3000G, OT-3000H, OT-3000X, OT-3001, OT-3040, OT-3041, OT-3042, OT-382, OT-392G, OT-510, OT-655, OT-655W, OT-815, OT- 815D, OT- 870, OT-870F, OT-871, OT-875, OT-875T, OT-902, OT-A382, OT-A382G, OT-I210, OT-J100, OT-J210, OT-M665, OT-V575, Vodafone 575, Vodafone Chat 655, Vodafone Chat 655W.
To order unlock Alcatel, you will need to specify only the IMEI number and code SecRO.

Instructions for determining the code SecPro Alcatel: 

  • Activate the phone and dial * # 837 # or * # 3228 #; 
  • In the list that appears, find the code starting with the letter "X"; 
  • Specify the information in the appropriate field.
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