Unlock BlackBerry Bold 9900

Unlock BlackBerry Bold 9900

Today WorldWide mobile phones` market Research In Motion Company presents a new model of high-end Smartphone BlackBerry 9900 Bold. Sure, Blackberry Smartphones have won the trust of customers around the world; we in turn do not lag behind global trends and we also have to increase with each passing day, the army of aficionados of this unique brand.

Unlock BlackBerry 9900 isn`t a problem!

It's no secret that some models оf cеllphones are locked to a specific mobile operator. If you decided to become owner of the newest models of BlackBerry 9900 Bold, but you’re afraid to face the same problem - you chase away all doubts! With www.imei-server.com this problem becomes easily manageable task. Our website offers a full list of services related to unlocking by IMEI Unlock code. Unlock BlackBerry 9900 will allow using services of any mobile operator, thus saving energy, time, and most importantly - finance. All clients receive the unlock code within 15 minutes after ordering through the website. Convenient server mode (24 hour per day and seven days per week) will allow anyone to make unlock blackberry 9900, at any time of day. After registering at the IMEI-Server.com any page visitor will receive an unlock code blackberry 9900 on e-mail that was pointed during registration only for 15 minutes. You can buy code for unlock blackberry 9900 for all operators of any country, including major operators: Vodafone, Optus, USA AT&T, T-mobile, Telenor, Orange, TIM, Optimus, Tesco, Rogers, Red, others. In fact, all available for unlocking GSM-providers in the world.


More and more willing to unlock BlackBerry 9900, especially BlackBerry 9900 Bold T-mobile phones. This desire is not only due to a thirst to be a step above the rest, but of course for the good of the indisputable advantages of this multi-functional device. A recent research on the mobile market in the UK showed an interesting result. In addition, the British fans like Smartphones and use their opportunities very often, the research found that young people preference for devices not iPhone, namely the BlackBerry from RIM. If we talk about percentages when choosing a brand, then chose 37% of BlackBerries and iPhone, only 17%. The most interesting fact is that particularly fond of "blackberry" girls - 44%.

BlackBerry`s 9900 advantages

As for the model 9900 bold, we can point out a number of advantages over its predecessors and competitors. The first thing my eyes are turning their attention - this is the thickness device - only 10 mm, which is much thinner than other Smartphones. This feature is certainly competitive and highlights, among other phones. Next, pay attention to the gorgeous display - this model, the first lineup of Research In Motion, supports high-resolution 640 by 480 pixels. High quality and clarity, excellent brightness. Performance and touch screen sensitivity 9900 bold also above all praise, quickly responded to move between desktops and web pages instantly respond to commands.

It is also should be mentioned another important advantage - it's powerful processor at 1.2 GHz and a new operating system BlackBerry 7.0. Operation system 7.0 is similar to the previous version 6.0, but it works much frisky - smooth transitions, more sensitive interface. As the BlackBerry 9900 creators promised equipped technology NFC, a magnetometer, customizable home screen and other useful features.

So, the novelty of RIM - a harmonious combination of high performance, functionality and perfect fine style.

However, 90% Smartphones BlackBerry, RIM sold at retail across the globe have been blocked by a specific mobile operator in the so-called NetworkLock. If you buy cheaply in a shop or operator new Smartphone, it will work only with SIM "mother" card of the operator. As a result, phone using becomes impractical in other operators. To solve this problem requires unlock blackberry 9900 bold, which is input into a specific phone unlock code or other code names MEP, NCK code. MEP code blackberry 9900 bold  is unique for each device.

So imagine that U have already purchased a miracle device - 9900 bold, but it is locked and you can not become a user of other mobile operators, unlock blackberry bold 9900 is the one right solution of the situation. Thanks to unlock, you’ll use your Smartphone at your leisure and without any restrictions. Remember that blocked much reduces the ability of BlackBerry owners in the following cases: when you want to sell locked phone it will be difficult to find a buyer who wants to use only one mobile operator, and if you go abroad, you will not be able put other Sim-card, but the most important drawback is that you must always be a customer of a particular operator and, if necessary, will can not change a "mother" sim card to any other. As you can see locked phone has solid drawbacks. In order to unlock blackberry 9900 bold you need use our site. If you do not want to waste your time searching for a service center or buy expensive equipment for decoding communicators, visit www.imei-server.com, register and you will have in your hands a unique opportunity - to buy unlock code blackberry 9900 bold, that at least 15 minutes will come to your e-mail box.

Unlock method NCK blackberry by IMEI.

Unlock method NCK blackberry by IMEI - this is a unique reliable way of getting rid of your mobile from all restrictions, because this technique was originally founded by the manufacturer in all without exception selling phones. To get unlock code IMEI U need to know your Smartphone MEP. This allows U to unlock all models BlackBerry both the old and new types of protection. To unlock us immune to the entire range of Smartphones BlackBerry, and is no exception only appeared in selling blackberry 9900 bold. If you decide to buy unlock code BlackBerry 9900 with the help of our server (which is a definite plus - non-stop mode), then 15 minutes will receive the coveted MEP code and therefore can easily unlock your 9900. MEP code blackberry 9900  enter directly with the keyboard. To find out whether your device is locked, install for the device another operator sim card, when you see a request to enter unlock code, can conclude - Smartphone is locked. Before making a reservation through our website is recommended to check the existence of attempts to enter NCK code in your phone. Generally you have 10 attempts to enter code MEP2. There are cases when the previous owner or dealer to guess a code was introduced it by guess, trying to be unreasonable in such method to unlock your cellphone. Incorrectly entered 10 times codes make it impossible to unlock the phone personally, even for money. Such a problem is solved in the service centers of our partners in Ukraine and Russia. If U are not trying to enter MEP2 code, please contact us.

To learn MEP code for your phone, U can download a program designed specifically for reading the IMEI and MEP called BlackBerry MEP reader. The program is easy to use and requires no special knowledge and skills, it is only one button and two fields from which U need to copy the information for the order.

MEP code - is synonymous with unlock code, NCK code and exists for the removal of restrictions on the phone to use services of any cell operator. Research In Motion company, which manufactures Blackberry, uses five levels of protection (MEP1, MEP2, MEP3, MEP4, MEP5). On their Smartphones typically use MEP2, so when you see a message «invalid sim card», enter this code. We offer all five types of codes.

Making order unlock Blackberry 9900 Bold

When ordering necessarily point a phone model, country, which it is locked to, MEP phone for unlock, the operator, under which locked Smartphone (if you do not know that the operator may be omitted). In the "Comment" field you can leave your comments.

Unlock BlackBerry 9900 Bold for Russian users here https://www.imei-server.ru/472-razblokirovka-blackberry-9900-bold-online-mep-unlock-kod.html 

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