Unlock BlackBerry Z10 – instruction to unlock device

Unlock BlackBerry Z10 – instruction to unlock device
Unlock mobile phone BlackBerry Z10, blocked under work only one mobile network, will allow you freely use your smartphone with sim-card of any operator, regardless of the country. Ordering unlock-code, you will need only with IMEI. Checkout to unlock you can by the link –

Instructions for unlocking BlackBerry Z10 from the network operator's by IMEI

Once you obtained unlock-code, you should:
  1. go to Settings/Security and Privacy/SIM-Card;
  2. descend down to the point (Lock phone network and click Unlock Network;
  3. to dial the resulting 8-digit unlock-code for BlackBerry Z10 in the appropriate field and click «OK».
Screenshot of unlock BlackBerry Z10
After entering, you should see a message that unlock-code is accepted. At this unlock BlackBerry Z10 completed and you can use your mobile phone with SIM-card of any operator.
WARNING! To enter unlock-code provided only 10 attempts. After using them, unlock mobile phone would be impossible.
Discuss unlock BlackBerry Z10 on the forum, you can by the following link.
Unlock BlackBerru Z10
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