Unlock iPhone 5, 4S, 4 Orange Spain official unblocking by IMEI

Unlock iPhone 5, 4S, 4 Orange Spain official unblocking by IMEI

Today we changed conditions for full official unlock iPhone from Orange Spain carrier by IMEI.
Now, to unlock you must specify only IMEI number (previously it was necessary to give a mobile phone that was tied to a contract for the phone)

Supported models for unlock iPhone: 5, 4S, 4
Supported all IMEI and all serial numbers (SN)

link -> unlock iPhone Orange Spain by IMEI

Necessarily order one of following services before unlock:

Correctly to issue the demand on full-unlock it is necessary to know for certain operator to receive neverlock.

Be sure operator and country your phone should match this service.


Unlock iPhone Orange Spain

Support topic in our forum for discuss about this tool.

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  • daba**********
    03.05.2014 20:08:01

    IMEI: 012658006906524
    Serial Number: 7N1089Z1A4S

    • open unlock link check supported models
    • Support Team

  • prso********************
    10.02.2014 17:50:25

    Hello can you unlock my Iphone 4 locked on Spain Orange netwirk ?
    IMEI: 012534002362691
    Serial Number: 81051SPWA4S
    Activated: Yes
    Find My iPhone: Off
    Last Activated SIM: Orange - Spain ESP
    Telephone Technical Support: Expired
    Repairs & Service Coverage: Expired
    Contract: Expired
    Country Purchased: Spain
    Carrier: Spain Orange
    SIM Lock: Locked

    can you help me plz ? Thanks

  • sama****************
    12.01.2014 19:15:33

    Hi can you unlock my iphone 5 orange spain clean imei
    How much it cost

  • niza***************
    20.12.2013 02:10:55

    Can you unlock my iphone 4
    IMEI: 012417004363596
    It's under Orange spain and never got activated