Unlock iPhone from the operator: step-by-step instruction

Unlock iPhone from the operator: step-by-step instruction

If before you never saw SIM-Lock on the iPhoneimei-server will explain to you what it is and how to get the iPhone to work with SIM cards from any operators of the World. If the iPhone is locked, then you will see a notification on the screen - "SIM-card is invalid".

Locking iPhone may appear suddenly (after an update via iTunes), even if the phone has previously worked successfully with other SIM cards. This means that the phone you used was initially locked, then unlocked, but unlock "flew" and the iPhone re-locked on the same operator. In any case, whatever the cause of the blockage, the sequence of your unlocking actions will not change. Here's what you need to do:

1. Determine the type of lock.
Simply put, we need to find out which operator / country or region your iPhone is located on. The only way to get the exact answer to this question (if the iphone was bought from hands) is to order the GSX-report on IMEI:
Any of these checks will clearly show who your phone is locked in. The necessary information will be displayed in the line "Next Tether Policy Details". If the result that you received seems to be incomprehensible to you, consult us through the Live Chat or e-mail support@imei-server.com and we will quickly answer all your questions and select the correct service.


  • If you know that earlier this phone worked for example in the US and the former owner used it with Verizon SIM cards (or any other operator - AT&T, T-mobile, Sprint, Cricket ...), it does not mean (!), that your phone is locked to this particular operator. There is the concept of REGIONAL locking, when the phone can accept a SIM card from any operator in a certain region (country or a number of countries). The fact that the former owner used exclusively AT&T does not   mean that he could not use Sprint. As a result, your false confidence that you "know" without checking, who is your operator, can force you to make wrong choice of the service.
  • To unlock your phone from the operator, the GSX-check is not mandatory, just recommended. You can order this check anywhere, most importantly, you need to be sure that this information is correct. When ordering an unlock without prior consultation and without preliminary checks (or if the checks were ordered on another site), the user assumes all responsibility for the accuracy of this data.
2. Choose the correct service.
At this stage, you have already determined the type of lock and know your operator and country. It remains only to select the desired service in the price list for the iPhone. In our list of services, the breakdowns are divided into categories - countries. When choosing a service, you may find that there is a concept of unlocking iPhone Clean and iPhone Blacklist. What is the difference between these services?
  • iPhone Clean - in most services it means unlocking devices without an active contract or debts.
  • iPhone Blacklist - designed to unlock any phones, including debts, an active contract, and in some cases - lost phones. More information about the concept of "black list" can be found in the article - What does it mean - "Next Tether Activation Policy: Blacklist"? There it is described in more detail what kinds of black lists exist and how serious it is.

To check your phone for availability in the black list, you can order a preliminary check in the section - Checks for GSM BLACKLIST-status for iPhone, iPad. The result of such a check will show whether there will be difficulties with the unlocking of the device, and will help to select the right service unambiguously.

  • If you order a clean phone through a blacklist - it will be unlocked. But if you make your order for a phone in the black list as for clean, then (depending on the service) you may receive cancellation, or lose money for the wrong order.

3. Now we form the order on the site.

Having the results of two checks (GSX by IMEI and checking on Blacklist), you can place your order. Before placing an order, please read the description of the service:

  • Pay attention to warnings, if any. In services of unlocking through the black list there are no guarantees for unlock. This means that if the phone after a while will be blocked again, you will not receive cancellation and refund for that order. This condition is a new rule for all resources involved in unlocking. If you want to get more information on this issue - why this is happening and where is "never-lock service", read the material - "Official" and "Unofficial" unlock iPhone - what's the difference?

  • If you agree with all the conditions and requirements, carefully fill in all the fields. Errors in the IMEI number or in the phone model (if different prices are indicated for different models), can cause a loss of money for the making an incorrect order.

  • If the service is incorrectly selected (operator / country are different), you will also lose money for an incorrect order. This is a strict restriction that applies to all services and this is the condition of any site for unlocking. If someone does not write about this at every step in red letters, this does not mean that such a mistake will be forgiven. It simply means that possible risks are hidden from you. The reason for such a harsh condition is simple - the provider reserves a place on the server for your order, spends time and resources on it (in this place there could be a correct IMEI of another client). If, in the end, it turns out that the order was make incorrectly, which was the cause of the false positive answer, "unlocked", the provider rejects any claim, since, on his part, he did everything that was necessary and the phone could be unlocked, if you did not mistake in the operator.

Ordering the service, you can track the status of your order through the Control Panel on the site. After completing the order, you will receive a notification to the mail that your iPhone is unlocked. While the order is "processed", it does not matter whether the phone is switched on or not. You will not need to do anything other than wait for the notification on the mail about the successful unlock.



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