Unlock iPhone Orange and Tmobile UK by IMEI

Unlock iPhone Orange and Tmobile UK by IMEI
Good news about the fifth iPhone, which are doomed to be used strictly jointly with British carriers Orange and T-mobile.
Now their owners can also experience the joy of unlocking.
So, should start by getting some data on your phone, using one of these services:
Apple iPhone information by IMEI (carrier display if the phone was previously activated by iTunes)
Apple iPhone carrier / lock status (carrier and SIM lock status is displayed even if the phone \ ipad not been activated by iTunes)
This stage is very important and is described here not just.
Order by this service you can follow links: unlock iPhone Orange UK or unlock iPhone T-mobile UK
Well, if everything was done correctly, you will have the same smartphone, but able to function with any SIM-card.
Anticipating the issues at the expense of legitimacy, we note that the procedure is officially.
Unlock UK iPhone
Or can ask a question on the forum(Unlock iPhone Orange UK or Unlock iPhone T-mobile UK)
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    please unlock me
    iphone 4