Unlock iPhone Telus and Koodo Canada

Unlock iPhone Telus and Koodo Canada Those who are faced with a locked iPhone to Telus or Koodo Canada will be happy to know about the service release of this mobile service provider.

In short it looks like this - you need to find out exactly to what carrier the phone is locked. This information can be obtained in two ways:

The first way - Apple iPhone information by IMEI (use if your iPhone is activated by iTunes)

The second way - Apple iPhone carrier / lock status (use if your iPhone has not been activated by iTunes)

More information on each of the ways you may to find out by clicking the links of the same name.

Regarding the status of the phone after he will be unlocked, of course it changes to NEVERLOCK. This means that it will be possible to use any SIM card.

Conducting the procedure is necessary only once and no longer required.

Here you can order the service (unlock iPhone Telus Canada or unlock iPhone Koodo Canada).

Unlock iPhone Canada

In our forum you can find answers to pressing questions, or specify your own.

But highly recommended first read general information about unlocking Apple iPhone


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