Unlock Nokia BB5 SL3 with JAF

Unlock Nokia BB5 SL3 with JAF

Unlock Nokia BB5 SL3 with JAF

A new service that allows you to unlock phones Nokia SL3 from any operator of any country.
To use this service need Fbas Jaf box and cable for the required phone model.
Process simple and requires no special knowledge of the unlocking.

Supported models Nokia SL3 available to unlock:

2690 (RM-635)
2700c (RM-561)
2730c (RM-578/579)
3600s (RM-352)
3710f (RM-509)
3710a-1b (RM-510)
3711a (RM-511)
3720 (RM-518)
5130 (RM-495/496)
5220 (RM-410/411)
5330 (RM-615)
5630d (RM-431)
6202c (RM-458)
6208c (RM-458)
6260s (RM-368)
6303c (RM-443)
6303ci (RM-638)
6700c (RM-470)
6700s (RM-576/577)
6710n (RM-491)
6720c (RM-424/564)
6730 (RM-547)
6730c (RM-566)
6750 (RM-381)
7230 (RM-598/604)
7310c (RM-378/379)
7510a (RM-398)
7610s (RM-354)
E52 (RM-481/469)
E55 (RM-482)
E72 (RM-529/530)
X5-2001 (RM-627)

To work correctly, strongly recommend using the JAF Box with firmware version 1.B0 and 1.B1.

Instructions for using Nokia SL3 unlocker DK:

- Connecting to a PC Jaf
- Click "Check JAF firmware version" to check the firmware version of Boxing
receive approximately the following information

"Search for J.A.F Box ..

Trying To Connect Default Device Serial: ODJAF000
Opening Connection ...
Connect Ok!
Initializing Connection ...
Initalizing Success!
Reading ..
Setting Bus ..
Box firmware version: 01 B0 "

Firmware version of boxing we fully fit so we can continue the process of unlocking further
- Download the file Nokia_Sl3_unlocker_DK.rar


- Unpack the program's folder: C: \ bb5_unlocker
- Run the file "bb5logunlockSL3.exe"
- Connect the phone to the cable Jaf through Fbus
- To check the connection to your phone press the button "Read Phone"
- If the information is believed to click "SP Unlock", wait until get the message about successful reading:
- After that, the program creates a file in the name of which will Have your phone in the folder C: \ bb5_unlocker \ logs.

- Created program file such 353045004837601_SL3.log must be uploaded to the server under Logs, Credits, Activation by Services Unlock Nokia BB5 SL3 JAF -> NCK

- After processing your order, you will be notified by mail and files needed to unlock the phone
- You will receive an e-mail file of this type 353045004837601_BB5.psw, copy the file to the folder C: \ bb5_unlocker \ psw folder
- Connect your phone to box via Fbus cable and press the "SP Unlock" if done correctly you should see a message:

In this moment your phone is unlocked and ready to use on any network.

That's the whole process of unlocking Nokia BB5 SL3 with JAF box and our server.

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