Unlock Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo I9301I ERA GSM Poland

Unlock Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo I9301I ERA GSM Poland
Unlock mobile smartphone Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo I9301I, locked under operator ERA GSM Poland, enables the use of a smartphone with any sim-card, regardless of the country.

Instructions on how to unlock Poland ERA GSM Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo I9301I by IMEI:

  • Register on the site;
  • On the page, specify the services IMEI and model of your phone (see IMEI by typing it a combination * # 06 #, you must enter the first 15 digits);
  • Click "Checkout" button, the site will automatically prompt you to replenish balance by selecting a convenient way for you. After recharge, the amount is displayed in the control panel;
  • After that you need to re-issue the order for the services (specify IMEI, phone model and click the "Checkout") and pay it from your account on the site. When the phone unlock codes Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo I9301I the operator ERA GSM Poland will be ready, you get them on your mail. The status of the order can be monitored in the control panel;
  • The resulting codes are entered at a time, only numbers with no letters and symbols. One of the codes (NETWORK or DEFREEZE) releases the lock operator (sometimes you have to make hard reset, then enter DEFREEZE, then enter NETWORK);
  • At this unlock Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo I9301I is complete, the device can be activated with any sim-card.
Unlock Poland ERA GSM Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo I9301I done once, after which a mobile phone SIM LOCK completely removed and it can be updated and sew - it does not lock the back.
Unlocking can be ordered on the link -
For more details on how to enter the unlock code in the device Samsung you can read at instructions on entering unlock code to the devices Samsung.
More information about unlock Samsung from operator can read here - Samsung - General information on unlocking from the operator.
The warranty on the phone is not lost.
Discuss unlock your phone Poland ERA GSM Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo I9301I you can in the forum by clicking the link.

Suggest to you 2 excellent opportunities - get the code for free and even earn

1. Earn $ 50.
You will need:
  1. Contact the resource on our e-mail - support@imei-server.com;
  2. Remove video as FullHD full process unlock a mobile phone and provide us with a video file. The main condition - good quality, to shoot on a white background, all should be in focus;
  3. After receiving the file, and the approval of the administration, we will refund the payment for the code and pay the difference, payment is required as a guarantee of our videos.
2. Get the code for free.
What to do:
  1. Register on the site;
  2. Create a thread in the forum;
  3. In the subject specify the login name on the site, IMEI, model, country/operator which is locked;
  4. Share on exchanger (eg FotoLink.su) screen photo request code and the back of the photo (under the battery), insert a reference to this topic;
  5. After you create a theme to make at least 3 different repost in the social sphere, links to insert the topic (close tag HIDE).

Before placing the application must specify the relevance of the proposals.

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