Unlock Samsung GT-S5310 Galaxy Pocket Neo Beeline Russia

Unlock Samsung GT-S5310 Galaxy Pocket Neo Beeline Russia

We are offering to take advanage of the following service to unlock Samsung GT-S5310 Galaxy Pocket Neo from the networks of Beeline, MTS and Megafon

Unlock Samsung GT-S5310 Galaxy Pocket Neo Beeline Russia

If you get a response "Code not found" from the database when you tried to unlock, then today's data base has been updated to the IMEIs of the latest models.

You can order unlock Samsung from the USA by visiting the following link:

Unlock Samsung USA

You can unlock Samsung smartphones locked under the network of the RUssian operators by using the following service:

Unlock Samsung Galaxy Megafon

Unlock Samsung GT-S5310 Galaxy Pocket Neo Beeline Russia service provides the full unlock of the mobile phone, with the consequents usage of the device with any other sim card. You will get the full list of combinations, which you might need for the unlock, including the special Unfreeze code.

Instructions for the unlock Galaxy Pocket Neo:

  1. Register on the website
  2. On this page indicate the IMEI of your phone (you can look up the IMEI by dialing *#06# on your phone, you have to just enter first 15 digits)
  3. Press the Order button, the website will automatically suggest to replenish your balance, chooce the convenient one for you.
  4. After you replenish the balance, your IMEI will appear in the Control panel,  when the codes are ready, you will receive them in your e-mail
  5. Enter the received codes in turn, only numbers without any letter and symbols.
  6. One of the codes (Defreeze or Network) will take off the lock of the operator, (sometimes you will need to do the hard reset and then enter Defreeze  and then Network).
  7. The phone is unlocked and ready for work with any Sim card of any operator.

The unlock process gets done only once and after that SIM LOCK is taken off the device fully and the phone can be refurbished and updated  - it won't be locked again.

All European operators are available: Russia MTS, Megafon, Vodafone Spain, Vodafone Germany and etc.

We are asking you to specify the IMEI of the phone, which you need to unlock. We would like to note right away that it's not possible to order Unfreeze code separately from the unlock combination like NCK.

Unlock code request on the smartphone screen looks like this:

Pin code unlock of the network for Sim card

Warranty on the phone doesn't get lost

For retail clients, service centers, discount stores.


An approximate duration to receive the code for these models is between 15 and 48 hours (weekend hours are not counted)

To receive the unlock code in one hour during the work time you need to contact to get instructions admin@imei-server.com 


Unlock Samsung GT-S5310 Galaxy Pocket Neo Beeline Russia procedure gets discussed on the separate topic of our forum.

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