Unlock Samsung Note 3 by IMEI: N900, N9005, N9000, SM-N900 Megafon

Unlock Samsung Note 3 by IMEI: N900, N9005, N9000, SM-N900 Megafon

We want to share the good news for the owners of Samsung devices, blocked by operators in Europe. If you are trying to unlock and get a database response "Code Not Found", then today the base has updated with new IMEI, including the newest models.

Also lucky owners of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 locked by Megaphone Russia (N900) - these gadgets can now be unlocked officially and permanentely.

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Unlock Samsung by IMEI

Samsung models Note 3 can be unlocked by IMEI:

  • EK-GC100 (Galaxy Camera)
  • SM-G730A (Galaxy S3 Mini)
  • SM-N900T (Galaxy S3 Note)
  • GT-N9005 (Galaxy Note 3)
  • GT-N9000 (Galaxy Note 3)
  • SM-N9005, SM-N900 Megafon Russian
  • SM-N900v (Galaxy Note 3)


If you have questions or want to discuss the process or provide feedback about the service Unlock Samsung, the site has a special topic on the forum.


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  • Exe
    IP: 114.125.125.XXX
    01.02.2022 15:53:11

    Pleast Unlock my SM-N9005
    IMEI: 358588057651327

    • Exe, please contact the site support support@imei-server.com

    • order this service by link

  • casteljeaneric
    14.03.2016 16:50:41

    please unlock Samsung galaxy note 3 SM-N9005 imei;359093054773249/01

    • order this service
    • Support Team 2