Unlock SonyEricsson XPERIA X10, X10mini by cable

Unlock SonyEricsson XPERIA X10, X10mini by cable

FAQ about unlocking SonyEricsson X10, X10mini by USB cable

Today there are 2 ways to unlock from network provider mobile phones SonyEricsson XPERIA   X10i, X10i Mini, E10, E15, X10i Mini Pro, X8, U20, M1 Aspen, W100 Spiro, Arc (LT15), Neo (MT15), Play(R800/Z1), NTT DoCoMo (SO-01C, SO-01B):

First classic method is buy NCK code to unlock it, you can buy in section Unlock Codes NCK Codes

X10    X10mini

Second method using client-server software X10Unlocker

X10Unlocker dont require special boxdongles to work with phones X10 XPERIA from SonyEricsson.

To unlock X10 Android phones using this software need have only: locked phones, USB cable, PC, software X10Unlocker, accaunt (Username and Password).

Accounts exist in two forms: 1 account for 10 phones and 1 account for 50 phones


How to use X10Unlocker:

- Buy account SonyEricsson X10 by cable 10 phones for software in section NCK Codes

- Turning off firewall, anti-virus

- Download and unpack

- Install drivers to your PC, in archive search fdriver ile ggsetup-

- Run X10Unlocker, enter from Imei-Server.com USERNAME PASSWORD click "Check Credits" and see amount credits in your acc. Example:


In your account you have 6 credits for unlock X10 phones, can start main process


- Click button "Unlock" appears "Please attach turned off phone now"



- Connect to USB power Off phone with Hold green button "Back", if drivers install correct begin unlock process:



- If the process unblocking phone went well We will see in logs "UNLOCK DONE"

All process for XPERIA X10 or X10mini with install drivers need 5 minute.

If you have phone with counter blocked with X10Unlocker automatically reset and unlock your phones.

Unlock is permanent after reflash or update phone him NOT locked


First in the world adds support for unlocking new models SonyEricsson:

Sony Ericsson Xperia ARC
Sony Ericsson Xperia NEO
Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY

As before, the time required to unlock the Arc, Neo, Play 30 seconds, this method of unlocking is the complete and permanent, this means that the phone you can flash any firmware and it is not locked.

To unlock ARC, NEO, PLAY, all operators are available in all countries, unlock can be done even if the phone spent attempts to enter the unlock code.

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  • admin
    24.10.2011 15:05:14

    Quote: LEENOHello, i have to unlock sony e15i x8 phones operator 3 italy , which service i have to buy?
    JIC unlocker for X8

    23.10.2011 13:22:57

    Hello, i have to unlock sony e15i x8 phones operator 3 italy , which service i have to buy?

  • admin
    15.09.2011 09:46:15

    Quote: excoyotewhen server will works?
    Dont know, but JIC work 100%

  • excoyote
    14.09.2011 22:07:20

    when server will works?

  • admin
    14.09.2011 10:30:32

    Quote: LuisServer is working with normality, if i bought 10 credits I will can use without problems?

    Now X10Unlocker not work, use this work method Unlock SonyEricsson X10 XPERIA with JIC Unlocker