Unlock your Alcatel MTK Android to use with any sim

Unlock your Alcatel MTK Android to use with any sim  
Announce you the addition of support and unlock from the operator 47 phones Alcatel MTK on Android.
Order the unlock Alcatel, you following by the link - 
Supported phones Alcatel MTK Android: OT-3201, OT-7030, OT-7030L, OT-7030R, OT-890, OT-891, OT-903, OT-903D, OT-908, OT-908F, OT-909 , OT-910, OT-916, OT-916D, OT-918, OT-918D, OT-918N, OT-922, OT-928, OT-966, OT-985, OT-990, OT-991, OT -991D, OT-992, OT-997, OT-A890, OT-A909, OT-A919, OT-A966, OT-A980, OT-A986, OT-C908, OT-C918, OT-C919, OT-C990 , OT-M960, OT-MOV2, OT-MOVE, OT-V861, OT-V958, OT-W939, OT-W969, Momo Design: MD, Orange: Denver Pasadena, TCL: A890. 
To order unlock Alcatel, you need to specify only the IMEI number and SecPRO code.
SecPRO code you can learn:
  • Typing on smartphone combination * # 837 # or * # 3228 #;
  • Find entry beginning with the symbol "X";
Discuss unlock of Alcatel you can on the forum by clicking on the link.
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