Unlock your LG T-Mobile/Nextel USA to use with any sim

Unlock your LG T-Mobile/Nextel USA to use with any sim
Unlocking the smartphone LG ms769, locked under work with the network operator T-Mobile USA or Nextel USA, will allow to use your mobile phone with any sim-card, regardless of the country. 
Order to unlock USA T-Mobile, USA Sprint Nextel LG ms769 you can issue by the following link - 
Details on how to enter the unlock code (NCK) you can read instructions on entering NCK code in phone LG
At the forum you can discussunlock USA T-Mobile, USA Nextel LG ms769 by clicking the link.
Offers 2 great opportunities - get the code for free and even earn 
1. Earn $ 50. 
You should: 
  • Contact the our site by e-mail - support@imei-server.com; 
  • Remove videos as FullHD complete process unlock mobile phone LG ms769 and provide us with a video file. The main condition - good quality, shoot on a white background, everything should be in focus; 
  • After receiving the file, and the approval of the administration, we will refund the payment for the code and pay the difference, payment is required as a guarantee of our videos. 
2. Get the code for free. 
What to do: 
  • Register on the site; 
  • Create a thread in the forum; 
  • In the subject indicate: Login to the site, IMEI, model, country / operator which is locked; 
  • Share on exchanger (eg FotoLink.su) photo screen requesting the code and the back of the photo (under the battery), insert a reference to this topic; 
  • After creating a theme to make at least 3 repost in different social sphere, insert links in the theme (close tag HIDE). 
Before placing bids certainly verify the relevance of the proposals.
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