Unlock your Sony Xperia LT22i, E3 D2203, E1 D2005

Unlock your Sony Xperia LT22i, E3 D2203, E1 D2005
Unlock mobile phones Sony Xperia LT22i, Sony Xperia E3 D2203 and/or Sony Xperia E1 D2005, blocked under work of the network is only one operator, allow you to use smartphones with any SIM-card, regardless of the country. After unlock Sony Xperia LT22i, E3 D2203 and/or E1 D2005 you get codes at all levels (SPCK, NCK, NSCK, SSC).
You can make order to unlock smartphones Sony Xperia LT22i, E3 D2203, E1 D2005 by the link –
Discuss unlock mobile phones Sony Xperia LT22i, Xperia E3 D2203 and/or Xperia E1 D2005 you can on the forum clicking by the link.

Offer 2 excellent opportunities – get the code for free and even earn

1. Earn $50.
You will need:
  1. Contact to the administration on our e-mail – support@imei-server.com;
  2. Remove video as FullHD full process unlock your mobile phone Sony Xperia LT22i, Sony Xperia E3 D2203 or mobile phone Sony Xperia E1 D2005 and provide us with a video file. The main condition – good quality, to shoot on a white background, all should be in focus;
  3. After receiving the file, and the approval of the administration, we will refund the payment for the code and pay the difference, payment is required as a guarantee of our videos.
2. Get the code for free.
What to do:
  1. ALWAYS! Check the list of available models to unlock. Get free unlock codes can only Sony at its absence in this list;
  2. Register on the site;
  3. Create a thread in the forum;
  4. In the subject specify the login name on the site, IMEI, model, country/operator on which to lock your device, as well as its type;
  5. Pinpoint a message that appears when the device with another SIM card;
  6. Take a screen shot or a screenshot to request the code, as well as a snapshot of the back of the device (under the battery), which contains the model. If the battery is not removable, then you need to take a snapshot of information where the model is clearly visible;
  7. Put pictures on any exchanger (eg FotoLink.su), and insert links to this topic;
  8. After you create a theme buttons appear social networks. You need to make a repost in our groups (Facebook, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Twitter, Google+, Instagram), as well as make repost of the groups in their social networks 4;
  9. In the subject indicate links to repost.
Before placing the application must specify the relevance of the proposals.
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