Unlock your Wi-Fi router Huawei E5776s-32 safely

Unlock your Wi-Fi  router Huawei E5776s-32 safely


For Wi-Fi router Huawei E5776s-32 locked by working only one mobile network, we offer official unlocking device that will enable its use in a network of any operator, regardless of the country.

Unlock Huawei E5776s-32 can be done in two ways:
1. Order the unlock code on the link - 
2. Registered DC-Unlocker account and buy credits on the link - 
To learn more about the unlock code Huawei devices you can link - Unlock Huawei - General Information.
To learn more about the use of DC-Unlocker you  can by the link - DC unlocker - General Information.

Example DC-Unlocker log after unlock Wi-Fi Router Huawei E5776s-32: 

  • DC - Unlocker 2 Client 1.00.1105 
  • Detecting modem:
  • Selection:
  • Manufacturer - Huawei modems 
  • Model - Auto detect (recommended) 
  • Interface: 
  • Found modem: E5776 
  • Model: Huawei E5776s 
  • IMEI: 866089 ****** 15 
  • Serial NR. : Q7G7N ***** 00561 
  • Firmware: 
  • Hardware ver. : CL2E5776SM 
  • Web UI version: 
  • SIM Lock status: unlocked 
  • Wrong codes entered: 10 (unlock attempts left: 0)
Discuss unlock of Huawei E5776s-32 you can at forum follow the link.
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