Unlock ZTE MF100 Beline

Unlock ZTE MF100 Beline

A small article as self-detach USB-modem ZTE MF100 from Beeline

If you have purchased a USB-modem from Beeline company ZTE (Model MF100), probably you'll want to immediately detach the device from the operator Beeline (as you know, in terms of other operators to use the services of the Internet in our country is cheaper).

Of course, "loose the" modem can be very fast, for example, by giving it to a service center, but not all like to pay for what you can do yourself.
If you are from that category of people who likes to do everything yourself, then this article is for you. Actually, here you will find a brief and clear instructions on how to handle their own modem ZTE MF100 unlocked from Beeline?

Let's start ... So, in your hands is the MF100 modem company ZTE, which you have acquired from the operator. You need to use it example MTS, Megafon, or other operator. The first thing you need to do - remove B.I.D., which means Beeline Internet Houses. After that, install the software 3G Modem Manager (Download ZTE 3G Modem Manager (https://rapidshare.com/files/3195637190/ZTE_3G_Modem_Manager_setup.Rar) from Rapidshare or ZTE3GModemManager from Depositfiles). You put in your modem, SIM card required operator.

Next, insert the modem into the PC and cancel the installation produce B.I.D. Expect to install the drivers.
If suddenly the driver does not install it yourself, insert the installer to a special folder 3G Modem Manager. Click on the icon, then open the settings.
Slowly, quietly make all necessary settings: Access Point, password, login, etc. When you are done, click on the "Start", some would expect, is to initialize. After that, the program will name service provider, network, modem, and caught the signal. If the modem lights up in green - the initialization process has completed successfully. Next click on the icon bend 3gmm and click on "connect."

If you are exactly fulfilled all the required instructions, the modem will connect, but not for long, after a few minutes, he will make off - lights have red light.
You can fix this by pressing the "stop" in the main window of software, and then again the "start". But as you know it's not an option. There is a new problem. Now you need to troubleshoot problems associated with discontinuities.

You will need a utility for file system of your modem. Its name - Qpst v.2.7. (Download (https://www.rapidshare.com/files/3404272520/QPSt_2.7.Rar) can QPST with Rapidshare or Depositfiles). Alternatively, you can use Total Commander with a special plug-in (download a plugin WFX EFS 1.1.2 can https://www.rapidshare.com/files/3248867479/wfx_efs_1_1_2.Rar Rapidshare or Deposit).

But to describe the work will continue through Qpst.

Download and install Qpst. Upon completion of the installation process, go to the setup program.
Open the 3g Modem Manager, wait for the download, installation appears B.I.D. - Reject it. Go into the properties of your PC. Next go to the tab "hardware" and select "Device Manager". In our case, this process is executed in Windows XP, but in all other versions around as well. In the "Device Manager" locate ports (LPT and COM), click on the plus look at the list of Diagnostics Interface ZTE. At the end of the name is registered a specific port, for example, COM 9. Do not forget the port!

Now go to "Start" -> programs -> QPST. They are looking for a file whose name ends with the configuration Configuration QPST. Opening it, you'll see two ports, you do not need, but there is no need to remove them. Just click "add" and burn the desired port (eg COM 9). The configuration of the program is finished.

Next, open EFS Explorer, which is located in the same folder, the path remains the same ("start" -> Programs -> qpst) and see you added port, select it and connect to it.

After a few seconds you will see on the screen filesystem device. Copy yourself on the PC I've found Autorun.flg, Ztemodem.iso, NODOWNLOAD.FLG. Autorun.flg needed to startup the installer B.I.D., it needs to be removed in order to get rid of the annoying window installation B.I.D. Ztemodem.iso - I've found this BID, BID which includes the driver and others on the operator Beeline, do not remove it, just copy the. Who knows, maybe it still is useful. But NODOWNLOAD.FLG and produces those annoying disconnects. Be sure to remove it!

So, after you have copied the above files on your computer, remove NODOWNLOAD.FLG Autorun.flg and with the modem. And exits the program. Restarting the modem - you see that light bulb on it lights up in green, while using a 3g modem manager is not required.

Also annoying installer BID does not appear at startup. MF100 starts as a normal modem.

That is, in general, and all reset locked process is completed. Finally move the copied file whose name ends in a safe place. Who knows, may be needed. Open 3g Modem Manager and begin using the device with absolutely any SIM card.

All of the above steps have been tested only with Beline's modem MF100, so there is no guarantee that will help for others. All good luck in unlocking the modem!

It should be noted that the modem works in Linux. The efficiency was tested on Ubuntu.

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