Unlock ZTE MF112 MTS Russian by Dc-Unlocker

Unlock ZTE MF112 MTS Russian by Dc-Unlocker

Unlock ZTE MF112 MTS Russian by Dc-Unlocker

Russian mobile operator MTS has started selling the new 3G modem - ZTE MF112

As were all previous modems, ZTE and Huawei sold by the operator, this model MF112 also locked to the operator MTS

In order for the modem ZTE MF112 Russia MTS has worked with all mobile operators to initially be unlocked.
ZTE MF112 unlock process is very simple.

To Unlock MF112 MTS Russia use the software Dc-Unlocker, the program fully supports this model.

First we need to buy 7 credits Dc-Unlocker

Be sure to disable anti-virus software and firewalls to make the program had access to the server to unlock MF112 ZTE.

Connect the modem, install the necessary drivers, install all the software buyout offers modem, run the shell modem and check that it determined the modem. If the modem sees the program jumps to the next stage unlock ZTE MF112.

To unlock the MF112 MTS should be in the program Dc Unlocker through "Autodetect" detect the modem.

Following the discovery in the program MF112 modem should go to the tab "Server" and enter your account purchased Dc-Unlocker name and password.

After that, switch to the "Unlocking" and click "Unlock", the program will contact the server and unlocks MF112 modem.

If all goes well the program writes:

Unlocking Done

After unlocking MF112 modem can be used with any GSM \ 3G operator. More modem will not swear on the SIM cards of other operators, as a modem you can flash any Dashbordami (Dashboard).

Unlock MF112 MTS Russia is once! You will no longer need to repeat the process of unlocking the modem.

Free Download Dc-Unlocker links:

Download DC-unlocker from Depositfiles
Download DC-unlocker from Rapidshare

Useful links related to the DC-Unlocker and unlock ZTE MF112:

Buy Account Dc-Unlocker (name and password)

Connecting to the Internet away from home was always possible, but at the same time has always been extremely difficult, expensive and slow internet is all that we received earlier from the wireless GPRS connection.

Modem ZTE MF112 USB Stick gives you access to broadband Internet at speeds up to 7.2Mb / s, no matter where you were at home, on your computer or on the road with your laptop.
ZTE MF112 model also includes support for memory cards MicroSD, so you can put the memory card into your USB modem and use it as a wireless modem and a mobile device to store files at the same time.
ZTE MF112 modem MTS Russia is very simple to use, just connect the modem to a laptop or PC USB port and you'll get instant fast internet connection your mobile operator.

Main technical characteristics of 3G modem ZTE MF112 MTS Russia:

* Device type: broadband wireless 3G modem
* Standards connection: 3G mobile phone network
HSDPA / UMTS (850/1900/2100MHz)
GSM / GPRS / EDGE (850/900/1800/1900MHz)


Weight modem: 26 g
Body Material modem: plastic
Length: 76 mm
Case Type: USB-stick
Thickness: 11 mm
Width: 26 mm
OS: Windows XP/VISTA.7 and MAC OS X (10,4, 10,5, 10,6)

Interface: USB
Other: Color: White

Data transfer modem ZTE MF112:
Data Transfer Rate Downlink: up to 7.2 Mbps
Data Transfer Rate Uplink: up to 5.76 Mbps

Photo unlocked modem ZTE MF112 Russia MTS

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