Unlocking Huawei U5130-1 from the mobile operator

Unlocking Huawei U5130-1 from the mobile operator

We are glad to inform you that Huawei U5130-1 unlock is now available. After unlocking, you can use the sim-card of any operator, without any restrictions. 

Order unlock code Huawei you can at the link - 

Unlock code Huawei Sim PIN Network

Huawei SIMLock block Unlock Reset Key


To get unlock code if you answer "Code not found", use the -

Huawei “Not Found” service (NCK unlock codes)


To perform the unlock you need to know only your device IMEI. It can be viewed by dialing *#06#  on your phone Huawei U5130-1 or go to: Settings - Phone - general information- IMEI.


You can read reviews, ask questions or share your experience of working with our service in our forum in the section "Huawei devices unlock"


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