Unlocking Samsung from USA Sprint / Verizon: possible or not?

Unlocking Samsung from USA Sprint / Verizon: possible or not?

Before buying a locked phone from abroad, make sure that there are services for unlocking from this operator. Despite the fact that  Samsung brand is one of the most popular in the World, and services for unlocking these devices are developing not less actively, not all models are available for remote unlocking using NCK code, recived by IMEI.


Here is the list of operators for which unlock using NCK code is not possible :

  • Verizon
  • Sprint
  • Tracfone
  • Net10
  • Straight Talk

Note that:

1. When you install another SIM card, these phones do not display a menu for entering the unlock code. Even if you know how to get Root and "get" the request to enter the unlock code (there were cases), there are still no codes in the database for these phones. Accordingly, it is senseless to order codes for such models.

2. Check the supported mobile standards. If in the specification indicated only CDMA standard (and this is a notable feature of popular smartphones from Sprint, BoostMobile, StraightTalk and Verizon), then such a phone will not work in another networks under any circumstances. CDMA standard works only with some networks in the US and Japan.

If the phone works only with the CDMA standard, it is quite easy to recognize: it does not have a SIM tray to install another SIM card.

3. Change the firmware does not solve the lock problem.

4. If you requested a google search for: "unlock Samsung from Sprint", "how to unlock Samsung from sprint", "Samsung Sprint unlock", "unlock Samsung from sprint" and saw positive results with links to services or video, this is possible only for "hybrid phones", which, in addition to the CDMA standard, support the GSM standard.

The unlocking of such devices is carried out directly: software unlock Samsung from operator Sprint USA through a cable. To make such an unlock, you need to install special software, drivers to the device, connect your phone to the computer and follow the instructions in the application. So you can unlock the model:

Samsung Galaxy S4 [SPH-L720],
Samsung Galaxy S5 (Sprint) [SM-G900P],
Samsung Galaxy S6 (Sprint) [SM-G920P],
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge (Sprint) [SM-G925P],
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ (Sprint) [SM-G928P],
Samsung Galaxy S7 (Sprint) [SM-G930P], 
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (Sprint) [SM-G935P],  
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (Sprint) [SM-N900P],
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (Sprint) [SM-N910P],
Samsung Galaxy Note Edge (Sprint) [SM-N915P],
Samsung Galaxy Core Prime (Sprint) [SM-G360P],
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 [SM-T217S]... and others
If you already became the owner of such a device, look for a service center in your city that provides software unlocking services or using special unlocking boxes [Z3X, Octopus, Medusa, Infinity BOX] and specify the possibility of unlocking for your model.
Before buying a phone, make sure that it will work in the networks of your country's operators. If you are not sure, by which operator it is blocked, use the verification service - Samsung – Network Check by IMEI [Online information]. The result of this test clearly and unequivocally determines whether the phone is locked or not and what type of locking is involved (lock to the operator or regional lock). To receive consultation contact our support support@imei-server.com
If you decide to purchase a locked Samsung from the US - know that you will not have  unlocking problems from:


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