Update for Octopus Box - Samsung Software v.2.5.7

Update for Octopus Box - Samsung Software v.2.5.7

Octopus Box team released improvements: reading of unlock codes using server for range of devices based on Qualcomm CPUs with new security. Also added support for Galaxy J5 2017 and Galaxy J7 2017 series!

Added support for the following devices:

Read Codes via server: SM-A9000/ SM-A9100/ SM-A910F/ SM-A910FD/ SM-C5000/ SM-C5010/ SM-C7000/ SM-C7010/ SM-C9000/ SM-C900F/ SM-C900Y/ SM-G1600/ SM-G5510/ SM-G6100/ SM-G891A/ SM-G9300/ SM-G9308/ SM-G930V/ SM-G9350/ SM-G935V/ SM-G9500/ SM-G9508/ SM-G950U/ SM-G950U1/ SM-G950W/ SM-G9550/ SM-G955U/ SM-G955U1/ SM-G955W/ SM-J3110/ SM-J3119/ SM-J320YZ/ SM-J320ZN/ SM-J327V/ SM-J5108/ SM-J510F/ SM-J510FN/ SM-J510H/ SM-J510K/ SM-J510L/ SM-J510MN/ SM-J510S/ SM-J510UN/ SM-J727V/ SM-T818A/ SM-T818T/ SM-T818V/ SM-T818W/ SM-T825/ SM-T825Y/ SCV35/ SCV36 / SC-02J/ SC-03J/ SM-W2017

Read Codes via server, Read / Write NVM, Write Firmware, Read PIT, Read / Write QCN, Enable DIAG, Enable Hidden Languages, Reboot in Download / Recovery mode: SM-C5018/ SM-C7018/ SM-C9008/ SM-G5520/ SM-G892A/ SM-G930A/ SM-G930AZ/ SM-G935A/ SM-J3119S/ SM-J320NO/ SM-J320Y/ SM-J320V/ SM-J320VPP/ SM-J327VPP/ SM-J3308/ SM-J510FQ/ SM-J510GN/ SM-T818/ SCV33/ SM-J530F/ SM-J530FM/ SM-J530G/ SM-J530GM/ SM-J530K/ SM-J530/ SM-J530YM/ SM-J530Y/ SM-J730F/ SM-J730FM/ SM-J730GM/ SM-J727VPP 

"Read Codes" support added in test mode. "Read Codes" operation doesn't affect any data in the phone, so you can perform the operation without any risk. Credits will not be charged from your account in case of failure. So, please, post your feedbacks to prove it or not. You should have an Octopus/Octoplus account.
Read Codes works without root. "Read Codes" operation doesn't affect/touch any data in the phone (Knox, User data, Security), so you can perform the operation without any risk. If device has the damaged/modified security or some necessary data and codes can't be found/read, in this case credits will be not charged from your account
Devices with Unlock App (branded to T-Mobile, MetroPCS, etc.) are not supported!
Make sure device requests to enter unlock code and only then perform “Read Codes” operation!
Promo period: from 9.08.2017 till 10.09.2017 – “Read Codes” operation will take 58 Octopus/Octoplus credits.
Postpromo period: from 11.09.2017 – “Read Codes” operation will take 116 Octopus/Octoplus credits.
How to perform “Read Codes” operation:
  1. Select necessary device from the list in Software
  2. Connect the device to PC via USB cable
  3. Enable ADB
  4. Press “Read Codes” button

All supported operations are described in details in the manual ("Cable & Manual" button in the software)


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