Update from Z3X team: Easy-JTAG Plus v1.5.0.0

Update from Z3X team: Easy-JTAG Plus v1.5.0.0
- Showing Connected Pins for a Socket (Emmc check)
- Automatic search and write 8xxx_msimage and BootConfig (write by vendor)
- SmartReport for Sandisk
- Vendor Sony
- Automatic backup of the TrimArea partition for Sony (read by vendor)
- Grouping of extracted messages by sender (Explorer)
- Extract Calendar (Explorer)
- Checking FullDiskEncryption from Boot (Explorer)
- Scan FullFlash from devices with UFS-memory (Explorer)
- Converting EFS to Z3X-Samsung format (read by vendor Samsung)
- Ext4 formatting is completely rewritten (write by vendor)
- Reading files with emmc errors (Explorer)
- Skipping for existing files while saving (Explorer)
- Write protection for ROM 2/3
- Bugs that have been found through your crash report
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