Update Infinity Box BEST NK2 v1.08, v1.09

Update Infinity Box BEST NK2 v1.08, v1.09

Released update for Infinity Box BEST NK2 v1.08, NK2 v1.09 support and new features.


Infinity-Box [BEST] NK2 v1.08 - Nokia 105 (2017) support and new features

Next revision of Nokia 130 (2017) are supported:

  • Nokia 105 (2017) : N103 : TA-1010/TA-1034/TA-1037

For now the next features are supported:

> Firmware flashing ( Factory/BEST firmware packages )

> Firmware reading 

> Format FS / Reset Settings 

> Identify ( read complete device info & check/verify security area )

- Changes/Fixes 

> MTK FP line

Fix/Change: Flash engine revised

New feature: Firmware Read : Activated extarction of device supported LangPacks during FW read 

New feature: "LangPack only change" option for FW flashing activated 

Fix/Change: Forensic engine updated 

Fix/Change: Flash Read revised

- Support 

Hundreds of firmwares for 105 (2017) has been upload to support area 

> Check out for required region packages or language packages in support area first! Also you can read from any good working device that you have


Infinity-Box [BEST] NK2 v1.09 - FP Forensic and other features

- Forensic engine for MTK feature line devices rebuild from scratch

Allow extract phonebook memory from alive/dead/semi-dead devices

From now allow extract phonebook from memory dump ( made by external prommer or older BEST versions )

> Press and hold SHIFT key before press "Extract PhoneBook" button for enable File mode

Extraction is direct (from device) and from dump 

Support unicode

All existing MTK FP models are supported now for PhoneBook extraction: 

  • Nokia 108: RM-944, RM-945, RM-1124 
  • Nokia 220: RM-969, RM-970, RM-971, RM-1125 
  • Nokia 225: RM-1011, RM-1012, RM-1043
  • Nokia 130: RM-1035, RM-1036, RM-1037, RM-1122 
  • Nokia 215: RM-1110, RM-1111, RM-1112 
  • Nokia 105: RM-1133, RM-1134, RM-1135
  • Nokia 222: RM-1136, RM-1137
  • Nokia 230: RM-1172, RM-1173
  • Nokia 216: RM-1187, RM-1188
  • Nokia 150: RM-1189, RM-1190 
  • Nokia 3310(2G): TA-1008, TA-1030
  • Nokia 105(2017) : TA-1010, TA-1034, TA-1037
  • Nokia 130(2017) : TA-1017, TA-1019 

- Changes/Fixes 

> MTK FP line

Fix/Change: Flash engine revised

New feature: SW version check during flashing activated. SW will verify data between phone and VPL.

> In case of device dead ( no SW version data available ) - SW will warn about it.

New feature: Complete language info during FlashFile selection ( will show all existing languages without need of manual flashing and verify )

> MTK SP line

Fix/Change : Flash engine revised

Fix/Change : Repartition may fail during NK1 flashing, fixed


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