Update Infinity-Box Nokia [BEST] to version v1.74

Update Infinity-Box Nokia [BEST] to version v1.74
New version of Infinity-Box Nokia [BEST] v1.74 has updates and additions:
  • improved firmware via USB;
  • revised firmware XG213;
  • improved firmware Maemo/MeeGo;
  • rewritten protocol of flashing MeeGo;
  • fixed flashing «light» EMMC files;
  • improved support for empty firmware EMMC;
  • improved firmware WP8x;
  • WP8x - improved performance of service operations with the latest phones wp8;
  • WP7x - improved performance mode operations EMMC;
  • BB5/XGOLD/MAEMO - improved service operations;
  • improved data performance;
  • WP7x - rewritten core extraction. Now, no damaged pictures and drugieh files;
  • WP7x - added support for JTAG dumps: Generic, select «Bin»;
  • WP7x - added support for FLASH dumps: Generic, select «Bin»;
  • WP7x - improved debugging data extraction: Phonebook/SMS;
  • WP7x - improved retrieve documents «Documents»;
  • BB5/XGOLD - improved extraction Phonebook on some new firmware;
  • BB5 RAP3 - fixed PhoneBook inscription on older phones S40;
  • BB5 - revised extraction Gallery (s60);
  • updated Navi-Manager;
  • added 2-step verification file after the jump (requiring more than 30 seconds for large files EMMC);
  • added new types of processing firmware;
  • improved stability;
  • revised check and fix DataPackage in "manual" startup;
  • database updated Navi;
  • added all the latest firmware and Asha WP8x;
  • added firmware Nokia phones based on MTK.
  • completely redesigned graphical user interface;
  • revised support FBUS - Flash / Service / UserData;
  • many minor fixes and changes;
  • updated files Stuff;
  • updated files Ini.
Added version v1.74.5 Infinity-Box Nokia [BEST]
In version 1.74.5 added the following changes:
  • revised work Navi-Manager;
  • revised process of selection file;
  • fixed processing files DCT4/XG110;
  • fixed Manual selection of the file;
  • revised support files of firmware CRY/CRP/FPX;
  • updated database Navi;
  • updated files Ini;
  • increased speed of access to the working directory (Logs/Bf/Data);
  • fixed other minor bugs.
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