Update Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 MTK/Mediatek v2.01 - LEGACY

Update Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 MTK/Mediatek v2.01 - LEGACY

Released update for Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 MTK/Mediatek v2.01 - LEGACY) support and new features.



- Software installed to new folder /CM2MT2/ and designed to support new models

Legacy core support activated:

  • MT6571
  • MT6572
  • MT6580
  • MT6582
  • MT6589
  • MT6592
  • MT6595
  • MT6597
  • MT6732
  • MT6735
  • MT6737
  • MT6752
  • MT6753
  • MT6795
  • MT8127
  • MT8163
  • MT8321
  • MT8732
  • MT8735
  • MT8752

Identify: full device info, security info

Flash Factory Firmware

Read Factory Firmware

Reset Settings / Format FS

Reset FRP

Repair Security (Flash Mode, Direct)

SP unlock

MemoryTool - complete device control, service, repair, forensic etc.


- Main 

Loader database optimized, size reduced.

DA v1820 line support tested and activated

DA v1836 line support tested and activated

Connection level revised

BROM level support optimized

Optimized and changed HighSpeed port selection

FlashEngine revised 

NVRAM tool revised

Global option PWM - allow switch SW between two different work modes for RAPHAEL.

> Use second one if first mode give errors at writing f.e. restore NVRAM on F5 like device etc.

> For LEGACY phone it used in MEMORY TOOL ( WRITE / WIPE )


- Service

Repair Security revised

> Old LEGACY types require FORMAT FS/FACTORY RESET for accept changes !

Format FS - new mode activated: Forced Erase

Format FS - fixed WIPE mode 


- Core 

EMIDB updated

New EMI engine for LEGACY line

> EMI engine support almost all existing LEGACY line 

> New types for RAPHAEL included


- FW reader 

LEGACY core supported ( unsigned and static signed types are supported )

New types of firmwares supported

Scatter creation optimized 


- Other

Settings tab activated ( firmware path settings and other features can be found here )

AutoUpdate ( module files ) feature activated

Many other changes and fixes


Known issues/warnings/info:

1. FileSystem flashing on some SBC-enabled RAPHAEL devices (except SYSTEM/CACHE/USER) may fail ! Solution - exclude them from flashing list.

2. Meizu support is limited by Preloader Level ( No BROM SLA ) - you must UNTICK "PMT Update" and "PRELOADER" partition from flashing list !

3. MT6589 supported ONLY up to DAv17xx line, after DAv1728 support has been removed.

4. MT6592 support on DAv18xx loader line broken ( DA issue )

5. EMI/DRAM init module in LEGACY line is almost auto, but in some case require CHANGE EMI setting, if used internal DB ( since much RAMsize/Revision of eMMC/eMCP )

6. MOST of LEGACY phone can be booted via BROM mode from now ( PLAIN, PRL, SBC )

7. NAND support on LEGACY line is not activated yet


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