Update Infinity Nokia [BEST] to version v2.15

Update Infinity Nokia [BEST] to version v2.15

We would like to inform you about the release of a new version of the programInfinity Nokia [BEST] v2.15, for MTKx, Lumia and NXP.  Let's look at the changes and updates for this version of software:


USB Flashing improved

  • WP8x: USB flashing revised
  • Fixed flashing problems with Lumia 822 and similar models
  • FlashEngine updated
  • MTKx: FlashEngine updated and revised
  • Improved semi-dead MTKx phones flashing
  • Some other bugfixes and improvements

Service operations improved

  • NXP: ADB layer updated - more stable and fast work with X/XL/X2/XL4G
  • NXP: ADB mode (NXP Tools) operations improved
  • WP8x: Service Mode init revised for some models

User Data Operations improved


  • NXP: PhoneBook extraction activated for NXP1 and NXP2 platforms
  • Support: Nokia X, Nokia XL, Nokia XL4G, Nokia X+, Nokia X2
  • Output formats: TXT, CSV, VCF, VCFv3
  • MTKx: PhoneBook extraction revised for new SW versions


Navi Manager updated

  • DB revised and updated
  • All latest FW for MTKx and Lumia models included
  • NaviBase released as separate package!
  • MS not release new firmwares for latest MTKx and Lumia on current scheme (FiRe) anymore!



  • Stuff files updated
  • Some bug fixes and improvements at all

Credits/Activations for Infinity-Box 

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