Update Infinity `SM` software v2.00, v2.01

Update Infinity `SM` software v2.00, v2.01

Released update for Infinity `SM` software v2.00, v2.01. The following changes were made.

Infinity Samsung Activation server is back with new Smart-Card firmware for latest `SM` software release.

`SM` software v1.xx was released time ago as a free software for Infinity users. From now v2.00 released as a paid addon.

Users who have made free Infinity `SM` activation can use it in future with `SM` software v1.xx. If users of free `SM` Activation want to use `SM` software v2.xx they should obtain new `SM` activation.

Infinity `SM` software v2.00 news:

- many internal stability improvements

- FRP unlock engine re-written

- FRP unlock procedure updated

- security area write for MTK based devices

- security area write for Exynos based devices

- Smart-Card firmware should be updated to use this software release

- "SM ResourcePack" should be installed to get all released functions working

Infinity `SM` software v2.01 news:

- Service - add `Read Log` option for unlock Exynos phones via server

- some bug fixed



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