Update MXKEY MXBOX 3.5 revision 0.0

Update MXKEY MXBOX 3.5 revision 0.0

Update MXKEY MXBOX 3.5 revision 0.0

List of all changes in the new version MXKey 3.5

The main module MXKey:

- Changed file mobileEx.exe
- This version allows you to update HTI if the card is used in another reader.
- Added specification of visibility and connection MXKEY HTICCID.

Module NK (full name of the Nokia Service Tool MX Key):

- Added full offline restore security for all new HASH phones Nokia BB5 RAPUYAMA, RAPIDO, RAP3Gv4 platforms.
(Required availability HTI with firmware version 00.08 for this just update your box HTI)
- Added standalone SX4 authorization for all platforms phones Nokia BB5 PA_SL, PA_SL2, PA_SL3, PA_SIMLOC30
- Autonomous repair damaged SD Card for Phones PA_SL, PA_SL2, PA_SL3, PA_SIMLOC30
- Changed the algorithm for calculating the NCK code for PA_SL and PA_SL2 phones
- Support for local calculation of unlock code for Nokia BB5 SL3 with the new HASH (HASH) by bruteforce (PA_SL3 and PA_SIMLOC30)
- Improved Protocol HTI FBUS
- Fixed bug with manual selection of addresses to be erased
- Small changes in the internal program code

MX Key Logs, Credits, Activations

MX-Key BB5 100 Credits
MX-Key BB5 50 Credits
MX-Key DCT4 100 Credits
MX-Key DCT4 50 Credits
MXKEY SL3 100 Credits Activations


MXKEY logo MX-Key

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  • emuh***************
    05.08.2013 07:59:01

    I have an orange high tech interface mxkey ,it was out of use for some month es after last working when I plug into my computer nose plug /unplug sound always , I loaded it many driver softwares but there is no thing .what shall I do ?

  • arimay
    13.07.2011 17:17:46