Update Sigma Software to version v.2.17.08

Update Sigma Software to version v.2.17.08

We are happy announce the good news. There was a new update to version Sigma Software v.2.17.08. This version update has been added:


HiSilicon Tab:

Service solution for the latest firmwares with a new protection: if you receive the message “Please ROOT the phone first!” while servicing HiSilicon devices, please do so and repeat the service procedure.

Android ADB Tab:


  • Gomobile Go779 (MT6572)
  • Lenovo TAB 2 A7-30HC (MT8382)
  • Lep I400 (MT6575)

Qcom Tab:


  • TCL 7055A
  • ZTE Z787
  • ZTE Z792
  • ZTE Nx406e 
  • ZTE A460

As well as to be able to restore the IMEI of these phones, we recommend that you buy:


Sigma Pack 1 activation

Sigma Pack 2 activation


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